12 YouTube Channels All Minimalists Will Love

12 Minimalist YouTubers

Whenever I’m searching for inspiration to downsize or declutter, I usually turn to YouTube. I love watching videos to learn more about how people incorporate minimalism into their lives because you get to visually see someone’s process, as well as get to know their personality more so than you would a blog post.

There are quite a few minimalism videos on YouTube now (because it’s becoming a trend, y’know), but it can be somewhat difficult to find channels that aren’t completely hippie dippie, totally impractical, or downright boring.

If you're wondering what minimalism is all about and need some inspiration to get started, here are 12 of the best minimalist YouTube channels that will inspire you to live lighter, consume less, and be more mindful!

To save you the time of trying to find good channels, I’m sharing twelve of my favorite YouTubers who, in some way, incorporate minimalism into their lives, whether it be in their closet, home, routine, or values. 

They may not necessarily market themselves as minimalists, but they all have something about them that I think minimalists will love. And if you’re ever wondering where I get inspiration, there’s a good chance it’s from these peeps!

So, if you a) need some inspiration to declutter your life, b) are starting your own journey into minimalism, or c) are just intrigued and want to learn more about what other people are doing, I highly recommend you subscribe to some of these channels!

12 Minimalist YouTube Channels
1 | Light By Coco

Perfect For: People who want to be more organized, apartment dwellers, young couples

Coco is one of the people who inspired me to start my minimalism journey, and she’s probably the most popular minimalist on YouTube. She posts videos about decluttering, capsule wardrobes, and living with less, and her calm manner and level of maturity make you want to listen to her talk for hours. She also has an air of mystery about her that’s super intriguing. I love that she doesn’t try to preach about her ways, but rather shows step-by-step processes that anyone can follow to live a little lighter.

What To WatchHow I Changed My Spending Habits, Studio Apartment Tour

2 | Sadiya Marie

Perfect For: Yogis, young moms, vegetarians

Sadiya has such a contagious smile, and her videos about simplicity, natural living, and happiness are relatable and practical. She’s a mom to an adorable toddler, so she shares tips about how to be a minimalist with kids – something that doesn’t really apply to me, but I’m sure it will helps lots of young parents out there. She also shares videos about yoga, time management, and personal development, and I just love her peaceful nature.

What To Watch: Eating Like A Minimalist, Minimalism & Children

3 | The Daily Connoisseur

Perfect For: Fashionistas, Francophiles, homeowners

Jennifer is the author of three books (I highly recommend Lessons from Madame Chic) based around her experience living with a French family when she was younger and what she learned about the way French women run their homes and curate their closets. She has a 10-piece capsule wardrobe which is just sort of incredible, and I love that she encourages women to always be classy. Jennifer shares tips and advice using a less-is-more philosophy, and she emphasizes choosing quality over quantity.

What To Watch: Ten Item Fall Winter Wardrobe, Investment Shopping 101

4 | Lavendaire

Perfect For: Millennials, travelers, dreamers

Aileen has some amazing videos about creating your dream life and appreciating the little moments. She also posts quite a few videos about minimalism and gives great explanations of the different components of the KonMari method. She speaks in such a friendly, calming way and her pink/purple hair just makes her super cool in my eyes. If you’re looking for some motivation and ways to feel more content with your life, you gotta check this girl out.

What To Watch: How To Handle Distractions, 3 Ways to Declutter Your Closet

5 | Exploring Alternatives

Perfect For: Travelers, budgeters, tiny living enthusiasts

Matt and Danielle share their experience with minimalism, living in a van, and traveling on a budget. I love how they share both the benefits and disadvantages of living a nomadic lifestyle, and it’s interesting to see how they store their belongings in such a small place. I’m always intrigued and inspired by people who are seriously paring down their lives in order to do something they love, which in Matt and Danielle’s case is traveling and getting to explore more.

What To Watch: Minimalist Travel Wardrobe, 5 Reasons the Nomad Lifestyle is Awesome

6 | Rachel Aust

Perfect For: Organization fanatics, health & fitness buffs

Rachel has an amazing lifestyle channel where she talks about minimalism, decluttering, health and fitness, and fashion. Her minimalism series includes topics like decluttering, organization, living with a non-minimalist, and ditching social media, and she shares some really great insight and practical advice when it comes to living a more minimalistic lifestyle. Her aesthetic and sense of style is totally goal-worthy, and I find I’m always inspired by her videos!

What To Watch: Declutter Your Digital SpaceJourney To Minimalism Challenge

UPDATE 7/8/2016: By popular request, I added Rachel to this list! Thanks for the recommendation, everyone!

7 | Break The Twitch

Perfect For: Anyone who wants to build a life in alignment with your values

Anthony has one of my favorite YouTube channels of the moment because he brings such a calm and friendly attitude to the world of minimalism. If you’re interested in working to create an intentional life that brings you joy, Anthony has tons of great advice and provides manageable action steps to help make this a reality.

What To Watch: How To Be Less Impulsive With Your SmartphoneWhat Is Intentional Living?

8 | The Donoghs

Perfect For: Families, zero wasters, gardeners

Fun fact: Jenn was my high school dance team coach! She’s the one who first turned me on to The Zero Waste Home, and it’s just so fun to see what she’s up to with her adorable family and the practical route they’re taking towards a zero waste lifestyle. You’ll also see lots of healthy food hauls, gardening tips from Shane, and the cutest cooking tutorials from the kids.

What To Watch: Zero Waste Lessons, Whole Foods Bulk Bin Haul

9 | SugarMamma

Perfect For: Budgeters, people with debt

SugarMamma’s channel is all about techniques for managing your money, getting out of debt, and creating an independent future for yourself. I know a lot of minimalists are interested in budgeting and saving money for experiences rather than things, and this channel is super helpful for getting you to that point. She’s done a few videos recently about how minimalism can seriously help your financial situation, and I find myself nodding my head to all of her suggestions.

What To Watch: Minimalism & Money, Minimalism, Shopping & Your Wardrobe

10 | Inspiroue

Perfect For: Sustainable fashionistas, thrifters

Cynthia shares her journey towards creating a sustainable closet and quitting fast fashion, and she posts videos about what she’s found at thrift stores and how she puts outfits together. What I love about her channel is that she’s always open about the mistakes she’s made with her closet, such as realizing that a capsule wardrobe isn’t for her, and I’m glad to see more people out there promoting sustainable clothing options.

What To Watch: Say No to Fast Fashion, Sustainable Fashion & Capsule Wardrobes

11 | Trash is for Tossers

Perfect For: Eco enthusiasts, DIY-ers, apartment dwellers

Lauren is doing incredible things in the world right now. Her blog and YouTube channel are about living a zero waste life, and she shares ways to make your own beauty products and practical tips for reducing your waste. She even started her own company, The Simply Co, which sells all-natural laundry detergent, and I just think she’s killin’ it at educating others about the impact of waste and how to become more conscious of what you throw away.

What To Watch: Zero Waste Toothpaste, Simple Swap for Toothbrushes

12 | My Green Closet

Perfect For: Sustainable fashionistas, thrifters, natural beauty gurus

Erin is a fashion designer who decided to start researching conscious alternatives after she learned about the ethical and environmental issues in the apparel industry. She shares her tips on creating an eco-friendly capsule wardrobe, finding natural beauty products, and becoming a minimalist. Her capsule wardrobe style is probably one of the most unique I’ve seen, and it’s fully of color and beautiful textures.

Who’s your favorite minimalist YouTuber? If you have your own channel, leave a link down below in the comments!

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  • I only watch My Green Closet and now I am super excited because I have so many new channels to check out! Thank you so much for this list dear! xxxxx

    • I love Erin’s videos! She always has the most unique pieces in her closet. Let me know who your favorites are!

  • ✁——————-

    great list!

  • Shirria @GDTH

    I will definitely be putting these channels on my “to do list” for this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

    • Oooh good idea, hope you enjoy them!

  • circafashion

    great list, i follow alot of these people, have you checked out melissaalexandria01, rachel aust
    i am loving the simple living trend

    • I did actually come across them while I was putting together this list, but didn’t have a good chance to watch them yet. Definitely adding them to my ‘to watch’ list!

  • JNRP1222

    Rachel Aust and The Mommy Archives also have good minimalist content! Thanks for the awesome post, as always!

    • Haven’t heard of the mommy archives – will have to check it out! Thanks for the suggestion xx

  • I’d never heard about the minimalist YouTube niche before today! It’s an interesting idea, definitely different from all the typical beauty or fashion YouTubers who just seem to be all about “this is what I bought, this is how I wore it”. I’ll have to check it out over the weekend!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • Yeah, it’s becoming more and more popular these days! And I agree, it’s a breath of fresh air from the usual videos – although some of the minimalist youtube videos can be very similar to one another so it takes a bit of searching to find creative/unique ones.

  • Break the Twitch

    Hi Catherine! I would love to add my YouTube channel to the mix. I vlog about intentional living, minimalism and life. Thanks for making such a great list.

    • Hi Anthony! Thanks so much for sharing your channel! I loved your vid about the benefits of decluttering. Coming home to a decluttered house is definitely a great feeling (although I always struggle to keep the kitchen tidy haha)

  • These are great!! I like the stress on minimalism being more than just an aesthetic. Can’t wait to check these out. xx, Pia

    • Yes, gotta get that message out to people haha! There are so many different ways you can be a minimalist.

  • Elisabeth D

    Thank you for all the nice suggestions! I love love love “Light by Coco”, so inspiring! Like the Green Closet too. Used to be a fan of Daily Connoisseur, but she’s not really into minimalism, for she changes her entire wardrobe twice a year and pledges the need to be “chic” at all times. Living a simple life is not her thing.

    • I agree that Jennifer doesn’t really market herself as a minimalist, but I think anyone interested in simplifying will find her 10-item wardrobe interesting!

  • Jen

    I am 51, divorced, and about to be an empty nester. I appreciate the channels you mentioned but so wish that there was one for the ~50 crowd. Thanks for your post.

    • Hi, Jen! Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m in my twenties that these are the ones that pop up as suggested for me, but I haven’t really come across anyone in the 50s crowd.

    • Cristina-Elena Dumitrascu

      you might like minimalist sparrow on youtube :)

  • Katie

    Awesome! Samantha Lindsey is one of my favorites!!

    My favorite minimalist youtuber that I noticed isn’t on this list is Live Intentionally (Ashley)

    She is a Christian and ties that perspective into minimalism. Her videos have really helped me embrace minimalism and realize what’s truly important in life. Check her out! :)

  • Carol

    Melissa Alexandria she’s a wonderful vegan and minimalist! I love her channel!

  • Em

    How is Rachael Aust not on this list

    • Alexx

      should totally be here!

      Side note, I personally find some of her videos boring, maybe she was considered one of the boring ones? Or she just didn’t get noticed?

      • Heyy Alexx,

        I wrote this post a long time ago so I hadn’t heard about Rachael at that time. Maybe I’ll update this list sometime soon!

  • C-flatpoetry

    I love Shoeless Joe the most. He only does not have so much subscribers right now.

  • Thanks for these wonderful links! Much appreciated!

  • Micha

    I love this! I watch so many of these youtubers! Trash is for tossers and My Green Closet were 2 of the 3 people that first started me on minimalism!

  • Thank you for such great recommendations! I’m looking forward to learn more about minimalism and applying it to my life, and I’m happy to see there are quite a few minimalism-focused channels on YouTube.

  • It’s a great list you compiled here and for the most part I like to live a minimalistic lifestyle as well. Not to the extent of living in a van haha, but for everything I buy, I try to sell things and I’m constantly reselling clothes that still look new and that I’ve worn only a few times on ebay. I’ve been using this app called Stylebook to document what I wear daily so I know which pieces I gravitate towards and which I don’t. It helps me make better decisions the next time I go shopping.

    I’ve just recently found Lavenderie’s YT channel and have been going through her videos. Like you, I also love her hair haha. Not sure if it’s the LA vibe, but I’m really digging the lavender hair, but really dislike the high-maintenance part of it.

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • Alexx

    I just want to comment on this sentence: “…it can be somewhat difficult to find channels that aren’t completely hippie dippie, totally impractical, or downright boring.”

    Some people like ‘Hippie-dippie, so maybe you could have included one of those youtubers? And also, about the impractical part… Just because it seems impractical to you doesn’t make it impractical. It just means it won’t work for you. For example: some minimalists find a top of the line bed to be necessary. Me? I find that a sleeping bag alone does wonders for my back and is very portable and easy to vacuum under. Some minimalists sleep on a yoga mat. I think that’s kinda crazy, but is it impractical for them? Not at all :)

    I’m sorry, I actually really enjoy your blog so far, I just got a little nit-picky because this post seemed a bit less.. inclusive? I don’t know

    • Hi again Alexx,

      You bring up some great points. Again, I did write this post last year so things have probably changed in the minimalist youtube community since I put this together. And you’re right – what’s practical for one person might not be for another – but I was just sharing ones based on the ones that had resonated with me and that I thought might interest my blog readers :)

  • Morgaine

    Rachel Aust also has a great channel. She’s created an awesome 30 day minimalism challenge, which I think really helps to get started the way of minimalism thinking in your head.

    • June 13

      I love Rachel. She’s beautiful and very level headed. She motivated me to do a through decluttering and get into meal preps to save time. I also love her style because I also am a sucker for black, lol.

  • June 13

    Thank you for these! May I suggest another channel? It’s called Jenny Mustard. I personally discovered her through Carly Cristman as she is kind of a minimalist herself. But Jenny and her husband identify as minimalists so I think her channel it’s definitely worth checking out.

  • Saga Vigre

    You need to add Jenny Mustard!!!

    • Vera R

      so true!

  • Fabi G.

    My favorite is actually Christine Kobzeff, her channel used to be about hair, nails and pink stuff, but in the last years she has goon trough a complete lifestyle change that promotes de-cluttering healthy living (now vegan) and traveling. Her minimalism videos are fantastic, and her voice and current aesthetic is so soothing. I think she got rid of 80% of her stuff, she also lives in Hawaii where she keeps butterflies and many succulents.

  • Jody

    Thanks for putting this list together. I just subscribed to those that jumped out at me as I read through your reviews. What a great compilation you put together!

  • Samra Malik

    You need to add Tamira Jarrel to this list!

  • Sarah Powers

    Jenny Mustard and Sarah Nourse are also amazing minimalist youtubers!

  • Luciana Lia

    You should really include Jenny Mustard, She is minimalist and Vegan.

  • Maria Bedolla

    Jenny Mustard is the best. I was hoping to see her in the list

    • Annabel Lee

      Hear hear!

  • Thanks for sharing, thoroughly enjoy posts by Lavendaire! Definitely will check out the others.

    – Carey,

  • Kara Gastin

    Any suggestion for a channel for a family with multiple small children?

  • Annabel Lee

    Jenny Mustard! She and her husband do great videos. Swedish, beautiful, quirky, friendly, open.

  • I LOVE this post! Youtubers are my fave but I do get bored of all the typical things. These YouTubers seem super refreshing – I can’t wait to check them out!

  • Johana Bursíková

    Thank you! I especially love Lavendaire and Sugar Mamma!