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30 Goal Ideas To Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul

If you love setting goals for yourself and need some personal goal examples, this list is full of ideas to help nourish your mind, body, and soul!

Back in January, I set myself three small and attainable goals to accomplish throughout the month instead of setting New Years Resolutions (because who ever sticks to those anyway?). I never intended to make it a monthly thing, but it sort of just evolved into something that I’ve stuck to and shared on the blog each month – and everyone seems to enjoy reading about them!

If you love setting goals for yourself and need some personal goal examples, this list is full of ideas to help nourish your mind, body, and soul!I’m all about self-development and setting small goals in order to achieve larger ones, and even though I didn’t plan this either, I realized that I’ve been setting myself goals that fall into one of three categories: mind goals, body goals, and soul goals (look, I rhymed!).

By setting myself mini-goals for 30 days, I’ve given myself the opportunity to challenge myself, create new habits, and try things I’ve always wanted to but felt I haven’t had the time. Although I haven’t maintained all of the habits I’ve tried to create, this process has helped me figure out what’s actually important for me to do regularly in order to stay sane.

Because I know people are always looking for examples of personal goals, I thought I’d round up the goals I’ve set for myself over the past year with a few extras thrown in that can help nourish your entire being.

Whether you want to start setting monthly goals or stick to one goal at a time, this list is sure to give you some ideas if you’re wondering what to start working on next!

P.S. Even if you’re not into the whole goal thing, you’re going to find tons of tips and ideas to keep you healthy and improve your well-being.

Goals To Nourish Your Mind

If you love setting goals for yourself and need some personal goal examples, this list is full of ideas to help nourish your mind, body, and soul!We often get caught up in our to-do lists and worry how we’re going to get everything done, so it’s important to give your brain some time to breathe. After all, if your brain isn’t working correctly, nothing is going to work correctly! Here are 10 things you can do to nourish your mind:

Stay offline one day per week.

Take one day of the week (I chose Saturday) to stay completely offline and away from your computer.

Meditate every morning.

Meditation can be intimidating and some people think it will be a little too hippie-ish for them, but even taking five minutes out of your day to sit and do nothing can really help improve your mood. Here are 5 things that helped me start meditating.

Read 20 pages per day.

We all probably wish we read a little more, right? Try reading 10 pages in the morning and 10 pages at night, and you’ll be finishing books in no time!

Journal every day.

If I’m having one of those days where my brain just won’t shut off, I’ve found journaling to be super relaxing. It also helps you find clarity in difficult situations and puts you more in tune with what’s really going on. Even though you may not think you have anything to write, you’d be surprised what happens once you actually open up a notebook.

Get up when your alarm goes off.

I got into the habit of snoozing basically every time my alarm went off in the morning, so I challenged myself to get up right away. Even though you may want that extra bit of time in bed, you’ll feel a lot less groggy if you just get up.

Limit screen time after work.

Most of us stare at screens all day, and then we come home and stare at screens some more. Try switching it up and get the most out of your free time with these ideas for relaxing after work (and no, they don’t include Netflix).

Start a gratitude journal.

Either in the morning or before bed, write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for. You’ll start to find joy in the little things and be more appreciative despite any challenges you might be facing. Here’s a gratitude journal to get you started.

Try the one-tab challenge.

Yes, I’m talkin’ about keeping only one tab open on your browser for a whole month. Check out how I actually survived this challenge here.

Do a media detox.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed from all of the information being thrown at you online and in the news, I put together a 7-day media detox challenge to help you slowly reduce the amount of time you spend consuming information.

Take a ‘me’ day.

Some people might not think this is much of a goal, but there are so many of us who genuinely forget to look after ourselves. So schedule a spa day (or pamper yourself at home), book yourself into a hotel room, or just spend an entire day doing something you love. Treat yo self!

Goals To Nourish Your Body

If you love setting goals for yourself and need some personal goal examples, this list is full of ideas to help nourish your mind, body, and soul!We all know how important exercise is, but finding the motivation and time to actually do it is always a struggle. If you break this larger goal into smaller chunks, you’ll find it much easier to find something that works for you and stick to it. Here are 10 ways to nourish your body:

Walk after lunch or dinner. 

Going for a walk after dinner was probably one of my favorite goals that I set for myself. It really helps to reset your brain, let your food digest, and get a nice healthy dose of fresh air before returning back to your desk or couch.

Drink tea instead of coffee/soda.

I’ve been trying to cut out coffee for so long now because I really don’t think it agrees with my body (but I love the taste and smell, y’know?). If you feel like it’s making you dehydrated and it’s breaking your bank account, try switching your usual coffee or soda for a cup of tea.

Squeeze in 10 minutes of exercise per day.

If you struggle to squeeze in gym time (or just don’t have the motivation), tell yourself you only have to work out for 10 minutes. That way, you’re more likely to just get started because it doesn’t seem like a huge commitment. You’ll probably even keep going for longer than 10 minutes once you’re over the initial hurdle of getting started.

Eat more veggies.

I truly envy anyone who manages to get their daily quota of vegetables in. Fruit is easy enough for me, but I really struggle when it comes to veggies! Decide how many portions you’d like to eat per day, and do a little bit of Pinterest searching for recipes that incorporate veggies (or better yet, ones where you can’t even tell there are veggies in them).

30 days of yoga.

Yoga with Adriene put together an epic 30-day yoga plan that’s perfect for any level of yogi. If you’ve been meaning to try yoga or want to start doing it more regularly, I highly recommend taking the challenge.

Try meal prepping.

If you’re tired of having nothing to eat or spending all of your money on fast food, try setting yourself a goal to meal prep each week for a month (here’s my how-to guide). It’ll save you a whole bunch of time, and you’re much more likely to make healthy choices.

Develop a workout routine.

Consistency is really important when it comes to your health, and having a workout plan is going to help you stay on track and get you closer to meeting your overall wellness goals. Try following this plan I used during the summer (includes a free workout calendar)!

Drink more water.

There are so many benefits to drinking water aside from the fact that your body needs it to survive. Staying hydrated keeps your brain alert and makes your skin glow, yo! Vow to keep a water bottle with you at all times for a month, and see how much better you feel from all of that goodness.

30-day squat challenge.

Want to work on your buns and get a Beyoncé booty? Try this 30-day squat challenge from PopSugar!

Try a new form of exercise.

If you’re really struggling to exercise regularly, maybe you need to try a new kind of exercise. There’s a whole world out there beyond the gym! Challenge yourself to try a new form of exercise during the month. You could try pilates, kickboxing, crossfit, karate, zumba, hip hop, barre…the possibilities are endless!

Goals To Nourish Your Soul

If you love setting goals for yourself and need some personal goal examples, this list is full of ideas to help nourish your mind, body, and soul!Ah, the soul (also referred to as the spirit). I’m sure it means something different to everyone, but I like to think of it as everything that makes up who you are aside from your mind and body. It could involve your relationships, religion, job, hobbies, interests, etc. However you define the soul, it’s vital that you take care of it and find what makes you happiest. Here are 10 ideas to help nourish your soul:

Go to bed at a reasonable time.

Make sleep a priority by creating your own night routine using this post and sticking to it for a whole month. Going to bed early doesn’t make you a grandma, okay? Give yourself permission to rest.

Explore two new places.

See what your hometown and the surrounding area has to offer by visiting two places you’ve never been before. Who says you have to take a plane to travel?

Practice something for 20 minutes.

Whether you want to start learning a new language or revisit an an old hobby like playing the piano, make some time to challenge your brain in a new way.

Declutter your home.

If you’ve been meaning to declutter your home for months, take the plunge and get it done with this plan I put together! By decluttering, you can make your space more relaxing and inviting so that you have one less thing that stresses you out!

Try the envelope system.

In order to save money and get a little wiser with your spending, try budgeting out your money for the month and keeping your cash in envelopes. You’ll start to be more conscious of how you spend your paychecks, and your bank account is going to thank you! Check out Dave Ramsey’s guide to getting started.

Get started on one thing you’ve been putting off.

Whether it’s a task that’s just been nagging at your forever, or something bigger that you’ve been wanting to start, just get started! Break it out into 30 small chunks and do one task each day throughout the month.

Go au natural.

And by this I mean your hair! Try giving your locks a break for a month without heat styling. You’ll save time in the morning and get your hair back into a healthier state.


Give back to your community by volunteering – even for just a day! It’ll make you feel good, and you’ll be doing a whole lot of good for others. Double whammy!

Reach out to someone.

I’m sure we all have someone we’ve been meaning to get in touch with for a while, whether that be your grandma or an old friend from school (or maybe even a blogger you want to collaborate with). Set yourself a goal to finally connect with them and ask them some genuinely thoughtful questions.

Start a capsule wardrobe.

If you’re tired of feeling like you have nothing to wear or you just feel overwhelmed by your closet, why not start a capsule wardrobe? It’s basically a way to ensure that every item in your closet goes with the rest of your clothes so you always have something to wear (and it’ll take you less time to get ready in the morning).

Free Goal Planner

If you want to start setting some goals and make sure you follow through with them, I put together a goal planning worksheet that you can print out to remind you of what you’re trying to accomplish (because let’s face it, sometimes I totally forget what my goals are for the month if I’m not doing them daily). I also recommend you check out this post to walk you through the worksheet and the goal planning process. Now go get ’em, tiger!

Get your goal planning worksheet!


Want to get better at setting goals and accomplishing them? Enter your info to download the free goal planning worksheet!

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Tell me about some goals you’ve set for yourself in the past! Did they help nourish your mind, body, or soul in some way?

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