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5 Tutorials To Simplify Your Makeup Routine

As the typical girl that I am, I enjoy slapping makeup on my face and experimenting with different looks.

What I don’t like is spending forever trying to wing-out my eyeliner symmetrically (is this even possible?) or figuring out exactly how to contour my cheekbones.

Quick, simple ways to make your face look presentable in the morning! | The Blissful Mind

If you’re like me and you enjoy the quickest, simplest of ways to make your face look presentable in the morning, I have a few ideas to simplify your makeup routine!

Fresh & Dewy Makeup

I like gold lids. I like not worrying about eyeliner. I tried it and I liked it. Also, Anna, please give me your hair.

No Makeup Makeup

Shirley is flawless without makeup, but I love her simple look with winged eyeliner and a nude lip. I can’t think of an occasion you couldn’t wear this to.

3-Minute Smokey Eye

Lisa Eldridge could make quantum mechanics look easy. Seriously, she just makes everything look so simple. Try this tutorial if you want to add some va-va voom to your eyes without spending an hour fussing over them.

Minimal Easy Makeup

Sam is another gorgeous beast who doesn’t need makeup, but I love this simple combo of concealer, mascara, blush, and a subtle lip. This is probably the tamest makeup look she’s ever done, but it’s beautiful.

And probably my favorite of them all…

A Quick 5-minute Spring Look

“Imagine that your face is a bagel…and that foundation is the cream cheese.” Grace Helbig a true makeup artist.

Which products do you use to keep your makeup simple? Let me know in the comments!

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