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Fall & Winter Capsule Wardrobe (Office Edition)

Ever since I found Caroline’s blog, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I think everyone’s obsessed actually because I’ve found so many posts about them – and I love it!

This idea originally appealed to me because I had so many clothes yet nothing to wear. I realized part of the problem was owning very few pieces for work (where I spend most of my time) and way too many casual clothes.

A fall.winter capsule wardrobe especially for the office!

I haven’t been able to find many capsule wardrobes specifically for office wear, so I thought I’d show you mine for the current winter season. By the way, I work in a pretty casual setting, but not so casual that I can wear blue jeans to the office!

Capsule Wardrobe Winter Office EditionI have to say, it took me a long time to find new pieces I truly liked because I am realllllly picky. But I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got going on right now, and I’ve linked the items down below in case you like the look of them too.


Capsule Wardrobe Winter Office EditionWhite Blouse | Pink Blouse | Wine Blouse | Black Short Sleeve Blouse | Printed Blouse

Sweaters & Jackets

Capsule Wardrobe Winter Office EditionWhite Knit Tunic | Striped Sweater | Gray Cardigan | Black Blazer | Wrap Coat

Bottoms & Accessories

Capsule Wardrobe Winter Office Edition
Black Jeans | Black Ankle Pants | Black Tote | Black Ankle Boots | Leopard Print Flats

P.S. Some of these items are not the exact ones I have simply because they are not being sold anymore or I couldn’t find it online.

P.P.S. In case you are wondering, I’m still not tired of only wearing these items! I accessorize with scarves, jewelry, and a bold lip color ;)

What do you usually wear to work? Let me know in the comments!

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Catherine Beard
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  1. Really like the plum-y pop of colour in this! Good for you for being able to make this all work for you without getting bored, I definitely don’t have that level of self-control with my wardrobe haha!

    I teach art classes to people with alzheimers & dementia, so the only real dress code is nothing that will shock the seniors, and also something I wouldn’t be heart broken about getting paint on! hehe

    1. The plum shirt is definitely my favorite! It took a lot of patience to be this self-controlled haha, it was not easy.

      That’s so great that you do that! Although yes, paint is great at ruining clothes haha

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been trying to put together a capsule wardrobe for work for quite awhile now and have been hoping for a couple of examples to encourage/inspire me, but I haven’t been able to find much, let alone anything for a more casual office environment. This is perfect.

  3. Do you work in an office 5 days a week? I’m finding it hard to put together a wardrobe with enough bottoms to last me through the week.

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