Cardio Workouts for People Who Hate Running

I’ve never been particularly fond of running. I’ll do it because it’s good for the ol’ body, but I hate the blisters, sore calves, and extreme boredom after 5 minutes that I always experience. Plus, I’m just incredibly slow at it.

Trying to incorporate more cardio into your workouts? Running isn't the only option! These five alternatives are perfect for people who hate running.Because of my unstable relationship with running (as well as the fact that it’s always raining in Seattle), I’ve been trying to incorporate some fun, indoor, non-running forms of cardio into my workout routine, and I thought I’d share what I’ve been loving with you.

I tried to keep the list to things you can do at home for those of us who don’t have gym memberships (or a bike, pool, etc). Happy not-running!


I love all of Cassey’s dance routines. There’s something fun about learning choreography and potentially looking like an idiot doing it. Plus, I get so out of breath from these routines! If you’re someone who has a background in dance, you could even try a learning one of Matt Steffanina’s hip hop tutorials. I’ve tried, I looked dumb, but I had more fun than I would have had running.


I fell in love with kickboxing in college because it instantly made me feel like a badass. You get to purge all of your frustrations by pretending to kick and punch things. And you’ll be a sweaty mess. The video above is more of a dance-y style, but you could also try this more traditional (and super intense) Fitness Blender video.

Jump Rope

I always wished I could be on one of those jump rope teams where they do back flips through the ropes or whatever. Totes cool. But jump roping (is that the correct term?) is a great cardio workout, and jump ropes are super cheap or you can even just pretend you’re holding one to get the same effect. PS You’ll probably die from all this cardio, but that’s okay.


Tabata is a four-minute workout consisting of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest, which is then repeated for 20-30 minutes. Since you do a lot of different moves, you don’t get bored and it’s just really intense. You can easily make up your own routine and use a free timer like this one.


Yes, you can get your heart rate up doing yoga! This is a fairly intermediate routine just because it moves so fast and you have to work hard to keep up, but it’s a lot more fun than most yoga routines! Anyone else love Lesley’s pants as much as I do?

What’s your favorite cardio workout?

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  1. I’ll admit I don’t mind running like I used to, but sometimes I prefer other forms of cardio like HIIT workouts. I can relate to being an incredibly slow runner though…the struggle!

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