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5 Inspiring Healthy Food Bloggers

I love finding new recipes through blogs as I’m not particularly good at whipping something together by myself, but I’m not a huge follower of individual food bloggers because I personally don’t like scrolling through 10 pictures of the same dish at different angles every day. Anyone else feel the same way?If you're looking for some healthy recipe inspiration, check out these 5 healthy food bloggers who make eating well fun and delicious!That being said, there are a few bloggers who I always come back to and I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re in need of some new recipes and lovely people to follow!

Deliciously Ella

5 Inspiring Healthy Food Bloggers - Deliciously EllaI have a massive girl crush on Ella right now. The release of her first book has been wildly successful and for good reason – she’s so relatable and down to earth, and her recipes are always simple and delicious. Ella started her blog as a way of sharing how she was dealing with a relatively rare illness by eating a whole foods, plant-based diet. I have to say, Ella’s is the only blog where I’m genuinely interested in making every single recipe. Favorite recipes: Bircher Muesli, Chickpea, Sun-Dried Tomato and Artichoke Salad, Raw Brownies.

Joyous Health

5 Inspiring Healthy Food Bloggers - Joyous Health

Joy is so appropriately named because she’s just a radiant human being. Not only does she make delicious food, she also has so many tips and tricks for staying healthy on her blog. I love her approach to health and wellness, and I especially love her enthusiastic personality. Favorite recipes: Sexy Maca Balls, Goji Berry Muffins,  Morning Energizer Smoothie.

Green Kitchen Stories

5 Inspiring Healthy Food Bloggers - Green Kitchen StoriesThe gorgeous Green Kitchen family post the most beautiful photos of their delicious meals. Their photography and stories are part of the reason I always revisit. They’re all about healthy and simple vegetarian food with natural ingredients, whole grains, and good fats. Favorite recipes: Blueberry & Blackberry Crumble, Blueberry Coconut Smoothie, Brown Rice & Pomegranate Salad.

Nutrition Stripped

5 Inspiring Healthy Food Bloggers - Nutrition StrippedMcKel’s blog is absolutely stunning (as is she). She’s a Nashville-based Registered Dietitian and nutritionist, and I love that she focuses on debunking the myths about nutrition that you often see in the media. I have yet to make these Raw Chocolates, but they look incredible! Favorite recipes: Nourish Bowl, Fuji Apple Kale Salad with Hazelnuts,  Apricot Quinoa Summer Salad

Pure Ella

5 Inspiring Healthy Food Bloggers - Pure EllaLike Deliciously Ella, Pure Ella healed herself from a rare illness with food. All of her recipes look amazing, especially the desserts, and she just has such a positive attitude that radiates through her posts. She focuses on making ‘healthy eating’ less confusing by sharing recipes that are delicious, non-restricting, and always good for you. Favorite recipes: Quinoa Chickpea Burgers, French Crepes, Black Bean Quesadillas 

Laura Miller

5 Inspiring Healthy Food Bloggers - Laura MillerOkay, I cheated here because Laura isn’t really a food blogger per se (although she does have a blog). I mainly watch the videos she does with Tastemade because they’re so cool and she’s so cool and her outfits are so cool. She also has the sexiest voice ever, and she’s one of the only people I’ve seen make raw vegan food seem completely normal. Watch this Vegan Donuts video until the end and you can thank me later.

Who are your favorite food bloggers?

If you're looking for some healthy recipe inspiration, check out these 5 healthy food bloggers who make eating well fun and delicious!
Catherine Beard
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  1. Ahah totally agree with what you said about the 10 pictures of the same dish, sometimes it’s a bit too much. I only knew Deliciously Ella and I really like her blog and Instagram account! But I will definitely take a look at the other blogs, thanks for sharing :) x

  2. “I personally don’t like scrolling through 10 pictures of the same dish at different angles every day” – that’s hilarious :) I don’t follow individual food bloggers, either, mostly because I get too hungry doing so but I like having a few sites to head over to for some inspiration, for sure. Thanks a lot for these tips, I found many I hadn’t heard of!

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