Yoga Videos For People Who Sit Too Much

We all know sitting for too long is bad news for our bodies, but unfortunately I do it all day (brb, going to buy a bouncy ball chair). Sitting for extended periods of time can lead to an aching back, tight hips, and a whole host of other health problems.

If you sit at a desk all day, improve your posture and strength with these Yoga Routines For Office Workers

Even if you don’t work at a desk, you probably spend a lot of your day sitting down – driving, watching TV, during class etc.

So, in order to loosen up those joints and stop stress-induced tension creeping into your shoulders, here are some great videos to do before, after, and during work.

The one to do on your lunch break

#sorrynotsorry for being obsessed with Adriene. She will always be one of favorite yogis. This one is definitely going to get rid of those kinks in your neck and all it takes is 20 minutes, so try finding a quiet place where you can just chill out for a bit. You’ll probably need a mat for this one.

The one for when no one’s watching

This video is great for stretching out tight hips, and all you need is a chair (preferably not a spinning chair as I imagine that would not end well). This isn’t exactly a discreet practice, so warn people that you’re about to whip out some sexy moves or try it when no one’s around.

The one to do when you get home

As Kimberly says, it’s important to create a boundary between the work day and the moment you arrive home. Stretching out for five minutes before you sit down to eat dinner will really help make your evening that much better.

The one that takes literally 2 minutes

This is more of a stretching video than a yoga video, but if you repeat these five stretches every hour or so, your body is going to be so happy with you. Simple, easy, quick – my fave!

The one to make your co-workers do with you

Make your co-workers wheel their chairs into a circle and stretch together while you have your meeting. Firstly because that sounds hilarious, and secondly because it’s great to encourage people to be healthier with you!

Photo: Samy Rivera

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