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5 Beauty Products To Make Your Life Easier

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I take an annoyingly long time to get ready in the morning. It’s not that I’m slapping a ton of makeup on and trying to put in hair extensions (that would take me about a year), it’s that I get distracted and try to do way too many things before I need to leave for the day.

Even if I wake up hours before I need to leave, I always find myself getting ready at the last minute. I like to squeeze in some gym time, watch some YouTube videos, read an entire book…5 Multi-Tasking Beauty Products To Make Your Life EasierThis leaves me very little time to actually make myself look presentable in the morning.

Luckily, there are some amazing products out there that can be used for multiple purposes, essentially cutting my getting ready time in half. If you’re the kind of person who keeps people waiting because you’re still doing your winged eyeliner, or if you simply hate spending time on beauty-related things, check out these 5 multi-tasking products to make your life easier:

The Products
5 Multi-Tasking Beauty Products To Make Your Life Easier
Rose Water

5 Multi-Tasking Beauty ProductsRosewater is the goddess of multi-tasking products. There’s just so much you can use it for! My favorite thing to do is spritz it on my makeup brushes before applying concealer and foundation to make everything blend effortlessly. I even spray it on my beautyblender instead of soaking it in water.

Rosewater also makes a great makeup setting spray, facial toner, and makeup refresher. Try spraying some on a cotton ball and dabbing it around your eyes to make you look more awake!

2-in-1 Lip Tint

5 Multi-Tasking Beauty ProductsHaving a lip product that doubles up as a cheek tint in your beauty stash makes getting ready a breeze. This is the perfect type of thing to keep in your work bag or for traveling because it means fewer products to fuss over. And all you need is a finger to apply it with – brilliant! I love the dewy finish this Lip Boost by Gressa gives to the cheek.

Apple Cider Vinegar

5 Multi-Tasking Beauty ProductsNot only does Apple Cider Vinegar make a good salad dressing mixed with some olive oil, there are so many beauty-related things you can do with it.

I like to fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and ACV then spray it on my hair in the shower after shampooing. After washing it out, your hair will be grease-free, soft, and super shiny! ACV is also really great at balancing the PH of your scalp and getting rid of any flakiness.

I’d recommend keeping some ACV at your bathroom sink because there are a million things you can do with it:

  • Dab it on a cotton ball and use it as a spot treatment
  • Mix it with some water to use as a toner
  • Swab some on your underarms and use it as a deodorant (also helps deodorize your feet!)
  • Gargle with it to beat bad breath
  • Mix it with this Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask – this is the best face mask I’ve ever used, and it’ll last you years

And for anyone concerned about the smell, it evaporates after a few minutes and you won’t notice it anymore!

Lotion Bar

5 Multi-Tasking Beauty ProductsWe all know coconut oil makes a wonderful (albeit greasy) body moisturizer, but a lotion bar is the most travel-friendly way to stay moisturized. There’s no mess, and it’s so compact that you can take it anywhere.

After I’ve moisturized my body, I love using this to tame little baby hairs and my eyebrows – those things are crazy! You could even keep it at your desk to moisturize your cuticles and probably use it as a lip balm too! I love this lotion bar by Moon Valley Organics.

Castile Soap

5 Multi-Tasking Beauty ProductsCastile soap is another miracle multi-tasker. You can use it for your entire shower routine: shampoo, body wash, shaving gel – everything!

I personally use it to wash my makeup brushes because it takes 0.2 seconds to get all of the grime out. I’ve honestly never found anything that cleans them so well, so quickly. You’ll never have to waste time washing your makeup brushes again!

What are your favorite multi-tasking beauty products?

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