Catherine Beard
Hi, I'm Catherine! I'm the mindset coach and writer behind The Blissful Mind. Whether you're trying to reduce stress, slow down, or feel more content, I’m here to help make life a little calmer.

Could You Live A Zero Waste Life?

About a year ago, I read a book that opened my eyes to something completely new and thoroughly captivating: a lifestyle of producing zero waste. Bea Johnson, author of The Zero Waste Home, has produced only a mason jar's worth of trash in the last year - and that's including all

Let’s Stop Waiting For Things To Be Over

Do you ever find yourself wishing that stuff would just be over? Sometimes I get caught up in a trap of wishing that everything was already in the past: a work event, a tough project, writing a blog post, or maybe even an entire day. I might make plans with a friend only to
May Goals
The Goals

My Top Three Goals For May

Hello, lovelies! And hello, May! It's my birthday month (which I actually sort of forgot about until now) and I'll be turning a whopping 24 years old on the 27th. Also, I just googled '24 years old' because I didn't know if that needed hyphens, and I actually found some rather
Apartment Decor Inspiration

Minimalist Apartment Decor Inspiration

It's official - I am moving to a new apartment at the end of June! I've already got a little list going of things to buy, and of course I had to gather up some decor inspiration from Pinterest. I'm thinking lots of plants (that I can't kill), a grey couch

5 Things You Should Know About Meditation

Last November, No More Dirty Looks hosted a meditation challenge for two weeks, and whoever completed the challenge would be entered to win a prize. Now, I love a good giveaway, and to be honest, this was the first time I'd ever actually considered meditating - tell me I can win free stuff and
Healthy Snacks for Work - Keep them at your desk or in your bag!

Healthy Snacks To Keep At Your Desk

Whether you work from home, in an office, or somewhere where you're running around all day, it's a great idea to keep a handful of healthy snacks at your desk or in your bag to grab whenever you're feeling a little peckish. I always bring my own lunch and snacks
Can you declutter for good?

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

As soon as I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, everyone and their mother seemed to do the exact same thing. This little book has been getting a LOT of media attention lately! Decluttering is all the rage for minimalists and non-minimalists alike, and I wanted to share some of the points
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