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Burnout to Bliss Coaching

Get 12-week coaching to makeover your mindset, uplevel your daily habits, and improve your work-life balance so you can pursue what matters to you

Do you wish you had the time, energy, and confidence to do the things you love?

  • Do you find it hard to keep a positive mindset because of the pressure you put on yourself?
  • Are you running on empty because you overextend yourself and prioritize other people's needs?
  • Do you struggle to find time for yourself or hobbies because you feel too tired to do anything after work?
  • Even when you’re organized, do you run out of steam and lack motivation to follow through with your to-do list?
  • Does perfectionism, people-pleasing, and lack of self-discipline make you sabotage your own goals?

If that sounds like you, keep on reading, my friend.

I know your life might not be quite the way you envisioned it. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re quite as far along as you thought you would be.


Maybe you thought it wouldn’t be quite this stressful to juggle everything that comes along with adulthood (why did no one warn us?!).


It seems like other people have figured out this work-life balance thing…so why can’t you? Why does everything feel so forced and NOT fun?


If you’re ready to let stress and overwhelm stop ruling your life and instead take control of your time, energy, and mindset, you’ve found the right program for you.

Hey there!

I'm Catherine, and I've been exactly where you are.

After I graduated from college and got my first job, I suddenly felt like I had no time to take care of myself. My well-laid out intentions to stay on top of my habits, routines, and hobbies went out the window once I got sucked into the daily grind.

All of my days started to look the same. The more I felt trapped by a lack of flexibility, the more negative I felt. On top of that, I felt like I had this calling to do something else with my life that would actually help people…


but I didn’t have the time, energy, or confidence to make it happen.

I knew there had to be a way that I could pursue this inner calling, regardless of how much time and energy my job took away from me.

As someone who has been where you are, let me tell you, you have more power over your life than you think you do.

I’m a perfectionist, overthinker, and serial over-committer, and I put a lot of pressure on myself. I spent many years holding myself back from doing what I truly wanted to do in life.

Finally, I decided it was time to make a change and take control of my life.

Once I challenged my own thoughts, prioritized self-care, and started using my time more intentionally, I found that I could finally pursue and nurture what really mattered to me.

I started writing more. I practiced yoga and went for daily walks. I made an effort to meet up with friends. I went back to school to get my master’s degree. I even took the leap into self-employment and started to live life on my own terms.

Whether you want to write a book, spend more time with your family, start your own business, lose that weight, or get a new job, there is a way to get the time, energy, and confidence you need to pursue what matters most to you.

In my Burnout to Bliss Coaching Program, I work with clients just like you to transform your current mindset, wellness habits, and daily schedule so that you can feel less burned out and more in control of your life.

If you’re still with me, then I’m super excited to give you more details about…

Burnout To Bliss

A 12-week coaching program for burned out women to gain the time, energy, and confidence to pursue what they really want

Our three focus areas


The Key to More Confidence

  • A positive mindset gives you peace of mind and confidence to pursue your biggest goals.


The Key to More Energy

  • A healthy relationship with wellness helps you feel energized without the burnout.


The Key to More Time

  • An intentionally planned schedule helps you reduce overwhelm and make time for what you want to do.

What you'll get from coaching

  • Motivation to get out of your own head and start taking action on your dreams
  • The inner confidence to ask for what you want out of life so you can fuel the future you truly want
  • Healthy and positive habits that give you energy and nourishment throughout the day
  • Guidance to help you stay on top of your to-do list and get the right things done
  • More time, energy, and confidence to spend doing the things that truly fuel your soul

What's Included with Burnout to Bliss

Clarity Questionnaire

You'll receive a comprehensive pre-program questionnaire & discovery guide to help uncover your biggest struggles and setbacks, as well as identify your individual vision for a more blissful life.

Discovery + Intention Session

During our first session, we’ll get to know each other more and dig into the root of what you want out of this program. This program is customized to your individual needs, so we’ll discuss your goals, set intentions, and create a game plan for YOU to succeed.

Duration: 60 mins

Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

Our Coaching Sessions will take place over the phone or Skype. We’ll talk bi-weekly to see where burnout is manifesting in your life, uncover what you need in the moment, and develop strategies to keep you positive, energized, and organized. We’ll have 2 calls per month with 2 weeks for implementation.

Duration: 6 x 45 min sessions every other week via phone or Skype

Weekly Action Plans

We’ll co-create action steps for you to implement after every session with the help of weekly worksheets and recommended resources. I’ll also be available for email support between calls to keep you motivated and on-track.

Imagine feeling more energized and motivated about life, rather than feeling burned out and overwhelmed.

During the coaching process, you’ll discover how to make positive changes in your life that lead you closer to where you want to be.

Your Investment

1 payment of $1,500

2 payments of $800

"I came to Catherine with an overwhelmed mind and left with tools to feel more calm, collected, and at ease on a daily basis. By working with her, I've been able to develop a solid routine, weekly schedule, and have gotten clear on many of the blocks that had me feeling stalled for months without taking action. I now have a weekly game plan for balancing my business with my personal goals and now feel confident, focused, and in line with my goals and tasks each week. Truly game-changing! Catherine is incredibly helpful, warm, provides great feedback, and gave me a push each time I needed it to create more momentum in my life. I highly recommend her coaching services!"
Sarah S.
Life Coach
"Catherine was so helpful in talking through areas of my life in which I struggle and helping me identify positive solutions. Not only did we discover lifestyle changes I could make, she helped me understand why I felt unbalanced and how to take steps to improve that. Talking to Catherine during our coaching sessions felt like talking to a friend! There was never any pressure or guilt associated with my actions or the state of my life. I highly recommend Catherine's coaching sessions to anyone interested in self-improvement. She helped me identify and really understand many of the answers I was seeking. Having a dedicated coach helped me feel accountable to my goals."
Julianna H.
Executive Assistant

Are you ready to make this change in your life?

Your first step is to complete a quick questionnaire so I can understand what your needs are and whether this program is the right fit for you. I only take on a certain number of clients each month, so fill out the form if you’re ready to take action!

Weekly Session Breakdown

Session 1: The elements of burnout

Learn about the key elements you need to reduce burnout and stay motivated. Identify your energy, time, and mindset struggles.

Session 2: Finding Your Bliss

Figure out what you really want to make time for. Identify your values and your vision for the future.

Session 3: Mindset Makeover

Learn about the components of a healthy mindset. Discover what you need to let go of perfectionism, negativity, and self-doubt.

Session 4: Self-Care Strategies

Figure out how to get your energy back to do the things that matter. Learn about the key components of self-care and identify your unique wellness needs.

Session 5: Creating Time + Structure

Discover how you can manage your time better so you have space for yourself and what you love. Develop ideal routines and schedules to create more structure in your life.

Session 6: Your Blissful Action Plan

A major reflection session to see what changes you've made already and what else you need to work on. Together, we’ll develop a customized burnout-reduction plan for you to follow after our coaching sessions.

"At first, I wasn't sure if coaching would be helpful for me. I'm a Type A person, highly motivated and am pretty good at achieving goals on my own so I wasn't sure if I would learn anything new about myself. I was pleasantly surprised! The added accountability that coaching provided, along with specific guided questions helped me achieve more than I ever thought! In 3 months, I achieved all of my goals and gained confidence in my ability to push myself even more in the future towards making my dreams happen. Catherine's coaching helped me see and adopt a new and improved way of living that has changed my life. This coaching experience with Catherine has been priceless for me!"
Kelsey H.
"Coaching with Catherine has lead me to rediscover what I love and has taught me to take time for those things. Her kind encouragement and insightful tactics have allowed me to realize that everything I need to enhance my life is within me. Everything I needed to “figure out” was within me all along."
Ellie D.
Recreation Specialist

Bonus Goodies

When you enroll in Burnout to Bliss, you'll also receive the following goodies!


1 (1)

The Mind, Body, Soul Balance Guide

An all encompassing digital workbook to help you create a self-care plan that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.


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The Ultimate Self-Care Toolkit

A collection of self-care tips, tricks, and tools to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Delivered as a 15-page PDF guide.

Save Your Spot

I only take on a few clients each month. If you're ready, fill out the form below.

Burnout to Bliss is for you if...

  • You know you are destined for greater things but can’t seem to find the time or energy to get started
  • You’re tired of searching the internet for answers and want 1:1 support to get you to where you want to be
  • You know it's important to prioritize yourself, yet it seems unattainable with your current schedule
  • You’re at the point where something NEEDS to change in your life
  • You're ready to stop holding yourself back and get what you want out of life


How does coaching work?

We’ll talk via phone every other week for 45 mins. During the weeks in between, you’ll be taking action on the previous week’s session.

What qualifications do you have?

I received my Master’s degree in Health & Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2017.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Fill out this questionnaire, and we can chat more about your needs!

“I worked with Catherine during a transitional period of my life – a quarter life crisis, if you will. Catherine’s thoughtful guidance and insightful questions helped me develop actionable goals I could work toward while also identifying possible stumbling blocks on my way to success. Her encouragement and support helped me develop a better understanding of myself and my goals moving forward.”
Sarah W.
Marketing Specialist

Let's get this party started!

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