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Mind, Body, & Soul Goals for August 2016

The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals for August 2016

Hello, friends! Welcome back to another installment of my monthly goals. In case you’re new here, I set myself three goals each month with the intention to uplift my mind, body, and soul in some way.

Well I have to say that July was both an exciting and nerve-wracking month. As I mentioned in my June goals post, I was invited to give a presentation on capsule wardrobes in front of 100+ people, and I was anxious pretty much all month because I’ve never talked in front of that many people in my life.

The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals for August 2016

I spent the entire month with it nagging in the back of my mind that I should probably practice and figure out what the heck I was going to do, but luckily the entire thing went smoothly, and it was honestly a fun experience when I look back on it.

Despite being a little distracted by the presentation preparation, this month was ultimately exciting because I was featured on the #createlounge podcast where Kayla and I had a great discussion about self-care and mindfulness! I also found out that I’m going to be a bridesmaid for the very first time for my best friend’s wedding! Plus my sister is in town, so I took a week off work to spend time with her and it feels so nice to be able to fully relax.

I will admit that I was a bit quiet on the blogging front this month since I was slightly distracted, but I’m hoping to get back into the flow of writing one post each week from now on. In case you missed it, I did share up a post about my natural skincare routine for those of you who are interested!

July Recap

My first goal from June was to stick to my budget, and I have to say that I did a pretty good job with this one. I mentioned that I want to save up to buy a camera, and basically any time I wanted to buy something I didn’t really need, I asked myself whether it was more important to buy that item or the camera – the camera usually won!

My second goal was to adopt a mindset of excitement instead of overwhelm. I wasn’t 100% perfect with this one, but I tried to remind myself any time I started to feel overwhelm creep in that it was all for good reasons.

My third goal was to plan for my capsule wardrobe presentation, and I did that by outlining the whole thing, writing out notecards, and practicing each section of the outline until I felt comfortable that I what I was talking about was necessary and relevant. Success!

 1. No snoozing my alarm

Well, well, well. I’ve set this as a goal for myself yet again. I just cannot seem to get myself out of bed right away these days, and it’s something that I regret pretty much every day. I want to be able to write and workout in the morning before work, but I can’t do that if I’m constantly snoozing my alarm.

With the help of Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings, I’m going to try and stick to a morning routine for the next month, which will hopefully help me stop snoozing my alarm and therefore allow me to get more done in the morning hours.

2. Less phone time

Since my sister has been in town, she’s alerted me to the fact that I’m pretty much addicted to my phone. I always have it near me, and it does serve as a big distraction in my day-to-day life. In order to spend less time glued to my phone, I’m going to avoid looking at it until I’m finished with my morning routine (see above goal), and also keep it as far away as possible when I’m trying to be productive or spending time with other people.

3. Get ahead with blog post writing

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a goal to write each blog post one week before publishing to essentially get ahead of myself. That hasn’t really happened yet because I never fully made the commitment, but I think August will be the month to finally make it a thing. Instead of writing posts at the last minute and stressing myself out about it, I am going to commit to getting one week ahead!

What are your goals for August? Leave a comment below!

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24 Responses

  1. Glad that your presentation went well! I am going to try that first goal of yours- to not snooze the alarm any more! I am so guilty of this and it is such a useless habit.

  2. Congrats the presentation and the podcast! Those are some very cool accomplishments. I personally haven’t even considered getting ahead with my blog posts… I’m a natural procrastinator! It would definitely be nice though.

    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

  3. The “Moment” app is brilliant for figuring out how often you are on your phone per day and what you spend your time doing on it. I’ve found it useful for being more careful about the amount of time I’m spending glued to my phone.

  4. Your July sounds like so much fun! It’s so great you can have a week to relax from work and enjoy family and friends! And ooh I have been behind on the #createlounge podcast but need to catch up – can’t wait to listen to yours!

  5. Surprise… those are my goals too, along with sticking to my grocery budget. Snoozing is out of control for me, which is sad because I was so good about it this time last year. :(

  6. Great goals! I love how you always make around 3 goals and that are easily attainable with discipline. I need to do the reverse of your #1, I need to try to go bed earlier. Going to bed at 2-3am and having to be at work at 7am is SO NOT working right now haha.

    We share goal #3. I’ve gotten behind and I would also like to have posts scheduled ahead of time.

    We can share the #IRockGoals mantra :)


  7. All really good goals! I’m a terrible snooze button hitter. I have been slowly getting better. You know how some people talk about training their body to wake up at a certain time each and every morning? I don’t know if that’s actually something my body can do! haha, but it’s something I’m aiming towards.

  8. I have a (mostly) foolproof method for not snoozing my alarm: I keep it on a shelf across the hall from my bedroom. It’s a straight line from getting out of bed and across to turn it off, so I’m unlikely to trip over anything in my semi-awake state, but because I’m now out of bed I’m much less likely to go back the way I came and crawl back into bed. It works wonders!

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