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Mind, Body, & Soul Goals for July 2016

The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals for July 2016

Hello, friends! Welcome back to another installment of my monthly goals. In case you’re new here, I set myself three goals each month with the intention to uplift my mind, body, and soul in some way.

Oh, July. You sneaked right up on me. I feel like every week in June went by at the speed of light and it was all go, go, go without time for much rest (but obviously there was time to watch all of OITNB because duh).

The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals foro July 2016

I don’t have a whole lot planned for July except for something very exciting happening at the end of the month which might interest you if you live in the Seattle area! On July 26, I’ll be giving a presentation all about capsule wardrobes at the Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue at 7pm. WHAAAT. I am both terrified and extremely excited about this opportunity, and I’ll share more information about it soon!

P.S. In case you missed any blog posts from June, feel free to grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and read up on 5 types of mindfulness practices to try, how to envision your perfect morning, and what you really need to know about self-care.

June Recap

My first goal from June was to read How To Win Friends & Influence People and I did accomplish this one! I’d say I actually made this goal my top priority this month, and it helped that this book was such an easy and quick read. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re interested in self-help books and/or want to become a better listener, conversationalist, and/or influencer.

My other two goals to follow the Tone It Up plan and meditate in the mornings didn’t go so well. I did end up exercising more often than I have been lately so it wasn’t a total fail, and I was doing a mix of resistance band training (aka my new favorite thing), pilates videos, and some of the exclusive Tone It Up videos from the plan. As for meditation, I probably needed it the most this month, but I just didn’t make it a priority.

 1. Stick to my budget

I always set a budget for myself at the beginning of each month, but lately I’ve been a bit too lax with it and I’m not saving as much as I’d like too. This month, I want to stick to what I’ve set for myself and make sure that I’m taking it more seriously. I want to save up for a camera to make videos with because one of my blogging goals for 2016 is to start a YouTube channel, so this seems like a good motivator to get me to stick to my budget!

 2. Adopt a mindset of excitement instead of overwhelm

Lately I’ve been letting myself get overwhelmed and worked up about things because I have so much going on at once and it can be difficult to know what to focus my attention on during the week (school, blogging, staying healthy, etc). Sometimes I overlook the fact that I have so much good going on in my life with lots of exciting opportunities opening up for me. I want to focus this month on adjusting my mindset so that even during times of overwhelm, I am able to recognize that everything that’s going on actually has it’s purpose and is exciting rather than daunting.

 3. Plan for my capsule wardrobe presentation

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I’m pretty nervous about this presentation I’m giving on July 26. I haven’t spoken in front of a group this large before, and though I actually do enjoy public speaking when I’m doing it, the preparation and days leading up to it definitely give me anxiety. I have 26 days to prepare for this, so I want to make sure I do everything I can to make sure the presentation material is solid and also make sure that I’m mentally prepared and feeling confident!

What are your goals for July? Leave a comment below!

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22 Responses

  1. Fun goals! I’ve been wanting to read How to Win Friends & Influence People — so glad to hear it was a good read! Also good luck on your presentation. It sounds like it would be such a good opportunity for growth!!

  2. Adopting a mindset of excitement rather than overwhelm is a great goal. That is something I need to focus on too-being excited of all that life has to offer instead of looking at it like your so busy. Changing mindsets is so important! Love these goals!

  3. Great goals! Excitement instead of overwhelm is really helpful. I’m practically phobic about phone calls and yet I have a super important one coming up, but it’s to finalize exciting plans so I’m going to view it that way instead of freaking out. Thanks for the tip! One of my goals is to grow my blogging community. I used to blog back in 2013 and I met a lot of amazing women, so now I’m trying to reconnect and find new bloggers to follow. So hi! <3

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I too need to adopt a mindset of excitement rather than overwhelm. I”m currently feeling overwhelmed and it’s all with so many positive opportunities.I’m going to set this as a goal for the remainder of July (and maybe August too).

  5. Excitement instead of overwhelmed seems to be wining the conversation haha I think Im gonna try this one too, Ive been feeling stuck in my career, quit my job and thought I had a plan and was going to get all intention to my blog but I’ve just feel frustrated. So thanks for this inspiring goal, and goal setting! it’s my first time around and Im amazed by this. Great job! :)

  6. I love your blog so much! Do you use are free or paid theme and what website builder do you use?

  7. Best wishes for your presentation today. I am a vocalist and remember the first time I sang in front of anyone – there were over 700 people in the audience. I was physically trembling, had stomach upset, etc. My wonderful instructor said this, “Through your lifetime if you’re not just a bit anxious, you’d have no business doing this.” I’ve always held this in memory…it attests to your desire to do well, to give your audience what they are entitled to: your best!
    Love your blog posts, have purchased misc. product and have been pleased with all.
    Traci Bray, BS,MA – Medium
    Kansas City, MO

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