Mind, Body, & Soul Goals for March 2016

The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals for March 2016

Hello, lovely people! Welcome back to another installment of my monthly goals. In case you’re new here, I set myself three goals for each month with the intention to uplift my mind, body, and soul in some way.

The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals for March 2016

Usually I’d do a recap from the month before, but I skipped February goals after feeling just a teency bit burned out – so I have nothing to report this time!

I will say that February was probably one of the most challenging and hectic months I’ve had in a long time, so I’m excited to head into this month with a fresh perspective and a more mindful approach. Here’s how I’m planning to do that:


The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals for March 2016

1. Mind – Keep my phone turned off until 12pm on weekdays

I’m the kind of person who checks my phone as soon as I wake up, but I’ve really started to notice how being bombarded with notifications first thing can have a negative impact on my day. I also have a habit of watching videos on my phone before I go to work which ultimately makes me late so I feel rushed before I’ve even really started the day. I think the morning has the potential to be the most productive part of the day, so I want to eliminate the distractions and really focus on getting shit done.

I do use my phone for music at the gym and during my commute, but I plan to just leave it on Do Not Disturb mode during those times. Wish me luck!

2. Body – Go for a walk every day without my phone

Can you tell I’m trying to break my phone addiction this month? I’ve been pretty good about going for regular walks during my lunch break at work in an effort to sit less, but I’ve noticed that my phone will always die during my walk – no matter how much battery is left. It’s totes ridiculous. But I’m taking that as a sign that I should be present and just focus on my surroundings!

3. Soul – Create & stick to a school schedule

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been struggling to balance all of my responsibilities right now (work, blogging, grad school), and I think that coming up with a schedule for my schoolwork will help me better manage my time. Since all of my classes are online and aren’t held at specific times (which I’m realizing is both a blessing and a curse), it’s up to me to stick to a routine and treat them as if they were part of my schedule. I’m going to try setting specific days/times for watching lectures and others for focusing on homework and discussions.

What are your goals for March? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Awesome goals, Catherine! I really want to break my phone addiction too…especially in the mornings! I normally go straight to checking notifications and emails, and I don’t think it’s the healthiest! Thanks so much for the ideas on how to go about changing this and I wish you luck too!

  2. Really enjoyed this. Its a really good idea to have goals every month for mind body & soul, I may have to start it too! :-) Totally with you on the phone thing too- its a hard habit to break!


  3. I love your blog. Everything about it is how I aspire to be. You’re honest and helpful AND a grad student, which is in my very near future (hopefully). Thank you for sharing!

  4. Always enjoy reading your monthly goals and love how you divided them into mind, body and soul! I also want to start taking a walk during my lunch break because I feel tired of spending all day sitting. Need to stretch my legs and catch some fresh air too. Good luck, Catherine :) x

  5. I love the no phone before noon goal! I’ve been sans technology a lot lately (not really on purpose though – I’ve just been away from internet/phone service) but I can definitely say it has been blissful once I accepted that I have to disconnect! Good luck and I hope you had an awesome March xx

  6. I recently found your blog, and I just wanted to let you know that the content you’re putting up are amazing and very inspiring! I feel like the tips you provide will help me to stay calm and grounded!

  7. I love this! I think it’s important to go unplugged for a while! I will definitely try going without my phone until 12pm!

  8. The best thing to do for yourself to break a phone addiction is to remove your apps and let it just be a phone. Especially get rid of FB. I only have email and bank stuff as additional apps, everything else is gone and I keep my phone on silent during “productive hours” and usually not near me. I have another device that’s just for music that can only connect to wifi (not connected to my data plan) so I can more or less unplug and still have music.

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