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Mind, Body & Soul Goals for October 2016

The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals for October 2016

Hello, friends! Welcome back to another installment of my monthly goals. In case you’re new here, I set myself three goals each month with the intention to uplift my mind, body, and soul in some way.

I honestly cannot believe that we only have three months left of 2017. I still feel like the year only just started, yet here we are in October. Does anyone else feel like 2016 has just flown by?

The Blissful Mind | Mind, Body, Soul Goals for October 2016

September was a month filled with crazy work projects, practice health coaching calls, and football (which, to be honest, I still don’t understand but I’m sort of trying). I’m hoping October lets me catch my breath a little bit and allows me to get back into a content state of mind.

Before we get into the goals, I’d like to take a moment just to talk about something that I’ve been feeling semi-guilty/nervous about with my blog posts lately. In the last month, you might have noticed that two of my blog posts were sponsored (A Day in the Life of The Blissful Mind and 5 simple ways to relieve stress throughout the day).

I know there can be a lot of controversy around sponsored posts in the blogger community, and I just wanted to address the fact that my blog may feature sponsored content from time to time. Sometimes these opportunities are scarce and other times they come all at once, and lately they’ve been coming all at once for me.

My blog is not going to become overrun with sponsored posts because I will only ever talk about brands that I truly adore and think will benefit my readers, and I hope that you are able to gain something positive from all of the content I post. It definitely helps to have a little extra income on the side since this is not my full time job, and I hope you understand that :)

Okay, let’s move on to the goals…

September Goals Recap

My first goal was to repeat a daily affirmation in order to help me feel more stable. Thought I didn’t necessarily do this by repeating them out loud, I did make an effort to write about it in my journal. I would ask myself where I was feeling stable or unstable and then write about that to get some clarity.

My second goal was to follow along with Les’ online bootcamp, Elevated Movement. I absolutely love this program, and the daily workouts Les has put together are super fun and just the right amount of challenge. Though I haven’t been perfect at getting in the workouts every time, I do find that having a community to cheer you on and keep you accountable definitely helps.

My third goal was to put together a free mini-guide all about mindfulness practices and how to start your own. I haven’t finished this just yet, but it should be up next week. Stay tuned!

My Goals for October

In all honesty, I just want to let go of setting goals for a month. Sometimes goals end up feeling like chores when you already have enough to focus on as it is, so I think my ultimate goal for October is just to go with the flow and be a little more non-striving.

Non-striving is actually one of the twelve pillars of mindfulness, and it involves letting go of trying to manipulate or force events in order to achieve a particular outcome. I was inspired by Jess Lively’s podcast episode about the concept of flow and letting it into your life without trying to force anything, so I’m going to let myself go with the flow and see what comes my way as my ‘goal’ for October. Letting go of control is tough, but often necessary.

What are your goals for October? Leave a comment below!

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