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Of course, there are SO many things to be grateful for. Life could be way worse, right?


But there’s this part of you that feels like there must be more to life than where you’re at right now.


You’re restless to do the things that bring you joy, but you just don’t seem to have the time to make it happen.

What you really wish is that you could slow down for just a moment to gather your thoughts. You wish you could hit the reset button and make things simple for once.


More than anything, you wish that every aspect of your life felt meaningful and fulfilling.


You crave a life of intention, not a life where autopilot takes control of your daily routines.



be intentional with your time instead of constantly playing catch up


create a sense of balance in your corner of the universe


slow down and find peace in your fast-paced, chaotic life


feel calmer and more at peace with yourself


wake up knowing that you are living each day with a purpose



finally feel excited about the path you’re on

Life doesn't have to be complicated

It’s 100% possible for you to create a life of purpose. So why haven’t you made it happen yet? Because you’ve been trying to figure it out alone. I know that you are perfectly capable of doing whatever you set your mind too. You might even be the type of person who hates asking for help (trust me, I am too). But sometimes, it’s just easier when you have someone to walk the journey with you. That’s why you need a mindset coach to help you stay grounded, balanced and calm during this time of self-discovery.



I’m a mindset coach, obsessive tea drinker, and lover of Parks & Rec. I’ve also been in your shoes. That restless feeling deep within you that says, ‘Is this really going to be my life forever?’ I know it too well.


Instead of settling for a less-than-satisfying life, I fell in love with pursuing what felt right deep within my soul. I tuned into what brought me joy and pushed aside what didn’t.

YOU CAN live a joyful life, too.

You might be thinking, ‘Well that’s easy enough to say, but what about all of the details and logistics and time.’ Yup, I hear you. That’s exactly what I’m here to help you with. 


As a mindset coach, I’m here to help you:

  • find those pockets of time in your schedule to do what you love
  • get better at self-care and mindfulness so you don’t feel frazzled all the time
  • tap into what brings you joy so you don't have to worry about the insignificant things

P.S. In case credentials are your thing, I received my Master’s degree in Health & Wellness Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2017.

1:1 mindset coaching

My one-on-one coaching program is designed to help you find more peace of mind during times when you feel unsettled and restless. Often we get so caught up thinking about what the future holds that we forget to enjoy the moments we’re already living. Through weekly calls and support sessions, I’m here to help you move toward your most blissful life, the one where you live with intention, meaning, and purpose.

“Catherine’s coaching helped me see and adopt a new and improved way of living that has changed my life. I’m a Type A person, highly motivated and am pretty good at achieving goals on my own so I wasn’t sure if I would learn anything new about myself. I was pleasantly surprised! In 3 months, I achieved all of my goals and gained confidence in my ability to push myself towards making my dreams happen. This coaching experience with Catherine has been priceless for me!” – Kelsey H.

Coaching with Catherine has lead me to rediscover what I love and taught me to take time for those things. I have let go of my strict minimalist regulations and embraced the idea that mindfulness will allow me to take my time and not rush into the life I want. Catherine’s kind encouragement and insightful tactics have allowed me to realize that everything I need to enhance my life is within me already.” – Elianna D.


I know, it sounds a little woo-woo, right? Well, mindset coaching is a one-on-one approach to help you get intentional about the way you live your life. We’ll work together to set goals, develop routines, and build the foundation for you to live that balanced, calm, yet still exciting lifestyle.

Think of coaching like grabbing coffee with a friend every week and talking about what’s on your mind. But not just any old friend. A friend who listens intently, offers insight and encouragement, and provides guidance every single week. 

“I highly recommend Catherine’s coaching sessions to anyone interested in self-improvement. Not only did we discover lifestyle changes I could make, but Catherine helped me understand why I felt unbalanced and how to take steps to improve that. Talking to Catherine during our coaching sessions felt like talking to a friend! There was never any pressure or guilt associated with my actions or the state of my life. She helped me identify and really understand many of the answers I was seeking.” – Julianna H.



Each week, we’ll chat for 30 minutes about your goals, challenges, and wins. We’ll also create actionable steps to keep you aligned during the week.


Coaching is about creating a supportive and safe environment for you to share your struggles and goals. There’s no judgment here.


The best thing about coaching? Having an accountability partner to keep you focused, grounded, and motivated every week.

“I worked with Catherine during a transitional period of my life–a quarter life crisis, if you will. Catherine’s thoughtful guidance and insightful questions helped me develop actionable goals I could work toward while also identifying possible stumbling blocks on my way to success. Her encouragement and support helped me develop a better understanding of myself and my goals moving forward.” – Sarah W.

What we'll focus on

Connecting with yourself and your purpose

Simplifying areas of your life that feel cluttered

Avoiding burnout with self-care strategies

Making intentional daily choices that bring you joy

Staying present and reducing worry with mindfulness

Setting meaningful goals for the future


If you’ve been reading tons of self-help books, taking online courses, and trying a DIY approach to finding more fulfillment in your life, I’m here to make this easier for you. You don’t have to do this alone.


Weekly check-ins and focus points will help you stay accountable – something most of us struggle with when we attempt to do this on our own.  Of course I believe you can make these changes on your own. You can do anything you put your mind to. I’m just here to make it happen sooner.


I work with clients for either 6-weeks or 12-weeks.

6-Week Coaching is one payment of $600 or two payments of $333.

12-Week Coaching is one payment of $1,200 or three payments of $433.


I know it may be daunting to invest this much in yourself, but coaching is one of the most powerful ways to truly make positive and lasting changes to your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Our coaching calls will take place over the phone, which means you can stay in your PJs while we chat. Heck yeah!

We’ll have one 30-minute session each week. Super easy to fit into your schedule!

Weekly coaching sessions: Each week, we’ll have a 30-minute phone session to figure out how you can find more clarity around your goals and to-do list, as well as determine a step-by-step plan to keep you on track.


Unlimited email coaching: Between our sessions, I’ll be available via email to answer any questions, offer support, and serve as your accountability partner.


30-minute bonus session: You’ll get a complimentary 30-minute follow up session to be used any time within 6 months of completing your coaching program for those moments when you need a helping hand.

READY TO work together?

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘OMG I need coaching in my life now’. Or maybe you’re on the fence but curious to learn more. Either way, the first step to getting started is to fill out the questionnaire so we start chatting to see if coaching is right for you.

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