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My Top Three Goals for August

August Goals

My Top Three Goals for AugustI’m not gonna lie to you, I did a pretty terrible job with my goals for July. I’m not too bothered about it though because I spent the majority of the month moving into our new apartment (here’s a tour if you haven’t seen it yet!) and I feel like that’s a legitimate excuse, right?

August should hopefully be a pretty calm month for me, although I think it’s a great time to start preparing for the busier months (I’m looking at you, September & October) and work on those wishlist items you’ve been putting off.

I feel like we always have these big plans for the summer because it’s calmer and less busy, but then it just flies by and you realize you haven’t gotten much done at all! Here’s your reminder to appreciate the last month before the crazy but don’t forget to be a productive motha effa at the same time. Time to set some monthly goals!


1. Do the 30-day squat challenge. Nope. I think I did about two weeks of this and then just completely forgot about it. I have just joined a gym so I think that makes up for it!

2. Meditate every morning. Nope. I’m actually kind of annoyed that I didn’t keep up with this one because I think meditation is so important, but I just didn’t make time to schedule it in.

3. Hike to Tolmie Peak. I’m doing this today! So essentially I completed none of my goals this month, but at least I’m still doing this one haha.


1. Go for a walk every day after dinner. Walking after eating is always a good idea, and I think this will be a good way to appreciate the summer weather while it lasts. It’ll also give me a chance to explore the new area we live in!

2. Do at least 1 guest blog post. Mariah Coz from always talks about how important it is to guest post on other blogs to reach a new audience and share your ideas with more people, so I’m going to reach out to some people and see if I can guest blog for them. It’s something that does scare me a little bit, but I’m going to be brave!

3. Cut out coffee. Oof. I did this one as one of my goals for March and actually did a pretty good job, but as soon as it wasn’t my goal anymore, I slipped back into drinking coffee every day. I think it’s honestly messing with my ability to sleep and it’s sucking all of my money out of my wallet, so I’m going to try really hard to go cold turkey with this one. I imagine I’ll be drinking a lot more peppermint tea instead. Wish me luck, I’ll need it!

What are your goals for August?

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20 Responses

  1. Oh, After-Dinner-Walks are an excellent idea! Maybe I’ll try that too
    My Goal for August is a social-media-challenge so this comment is part of it :D I look at instagram pictures and reading good blog articles but I don’t leave any comments. I want to put the “social” back in social media, so this is my goal :)

      1. Thanks Catherine! I’m glad to be back :) (and I really need to reply to your email!) I have a lot of months like this and it’s comforting hearing that other people are human too haha xx

    1. Cooking from scratch is such a good one! I just looked at your Instagram and I’m so jealous you can hold a handstand – that’s been one of my goals for a long time now!

  2. Weirdly enough, squats are one of my favorite dryland exercises! / Walking after dinner is a good idea :D During the school year this comes naturally as we have to walk to and from the dining halls, so that’s one reason I’m thankful for living far from the dining halls! (like the only reason tho haha, but a good reason) / Mariah is such an inspiration! I never really paid much attention to the importance of writing guest posts until Mariah mentioned it when she was a guest over at Jen @ Jennypurr’s Make It Happen podcast. / I listened to a really interesting podcast episode over at The Lively Show, where Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) was a guest. Rubin was talking about habits and said that for some people moderation is easier than restriction, and for some other people restriction is easier than moderation. Figuring out which one you are might help with the coffee thing! For me, some things are easier in moderation, and some other things are easier when restricted–it varies. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. I totally agree that moderation vs. restriction can vary! For me and coffee, I’ve learned that it’s an all or nothing thing haha I struggle to moderate my consumption!

  3. Cut out coffee? Are you nuts? hah. Although my coffee habit is cheaper than most, I’m a 2 cups of black coffee every day. I did once upon a time do the daily $5 latte.

    Good luck on your goals! I really love my morning meditation, it slows my mind for the rest of the day. August is chaotic for me at work and with my daughter headed back to school so I look forward to really keeping myself centered. After dinner walks sound like a great idea too, might have to steal that from you.


    1. Lol yes, I think I am completely nuts! I was doing the $5 latte thing and it sure does add up.

      The after dinner walks have been really nice so far! It means I don’t spend the whole night in front of the computer/TV lol.

      Thanks for commenting, I hope your August isn’t TOO crazy!

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