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My Top Three Goals for June

My Top Three Goals for June

My Top Three Goals for JuneI know I say this every time, but can you believe we’re already starting another month! It’s almost summer *gasp* What have you guys been up to? Any plans for the summer? Our biggest event of the year at work is finally over, which means it’s a lot quieter in the office and I just feel so much more relaxed. I’m making a serious effort to slow down (there’s a free wallpaper if you click that link!) because I feel like I’ve been moving in double-time lately trying to get so many things done at once – time to take better care of myself! Now let’s see how I did with my goals during the crazy month of May:


1. Turn electronics off by 8:30 pm. Oh man, I failed on this one a bit. My sister came to visit for two weeks and the only time I could hang out with her was after work, so we typically stayed up watching Grey’s Anatomy past 8:30. That being said, I’m going to still try to do this as I think 8:30 is an achievable time for me to stop watching Netflix.

2. Find an apartment. We’ve applied for a place and are actually supposed to hear back from them today, so fingers crossed! I honestly hate the waiting process (I’m so impatient) and I just want to know already! So I may or may not have achieved this goal…solid answer, I know.

3. File all of my stacked-up paperwork. Yassss. It took me like 20 minutes to finally get it done. One goal accomplished this month! Haha.


1. Get back into a workout routine. I’ve been working out now and again, but I want to get back into a consistent routine. Now that the weather is a lot nicer in Seattle, I’m going to try running one day, a total body strength workout or yoga the next, and then taking a rest day.

2. Only have one tab open on my computer at a time. I’m currently reading The 4-Hour Workweek, and it’s making me think about how unproductive I am when I’m trying to multi-task. I usually have 10 tabs open at a time, and it creates some major distractions. We’ll see if this is possible!

3. Create a summer bucketlist. Since my bae will be moving here in July, I want to make sure we make the most of the summer! I’m thinking paddleboard yoga, a trip to Portland, and maybe even camping. What do you think I should add to my list?

What are your goals for June? Any plans for the summer?

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19 Responses

  1. Turning electronics of is so hard! I’m doing rather well at leaving my phone off or in my handbag on trips and when I’m with friends but my laptop is always on in the evening.
    I currently have 11 tabs open haha, but I like it as it keeps me focused. I tell myself I can only close them if I have done the task or read the article. It works!

    1. Haha I’m kind of the opposite because tabs make me so distracted! I switch between them way too quickly and can never focus on one properly. That’s great that you can leave your phone off – I need some away time from mine!

  2. I’d love to see your summer bucketlist! I’m in the process of making one myself :P // omg I always have so many tabs open. It would be interesting to see the difference it would make if I only had one of them open… but I don’t think I’m ready to make that commitment yet hahah -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. Definitely add camping! It’s a blast! I just did a post on my goals, too, and paying more attention to my health is absolutely on my list! I found your blog through the comments on The Nectar Collective’s latest post, and I’m so glad I hopped over! Great stuff :) Good luck on your goals!

      1. Hahaha I am totally the same way, a chronic multi-tasker. If one tab is taking a while to load, I’ll hop on over to another and forget what I was looking at before. And repeat that process again and again :P Hopefully this one tab thing will keep me a little more sane! And thank you for your kind words! x

    1. I feel like electronics are just ingrained in our lives now, and turning them off is like turning off a vital organ haha. Thank you for the well wishes!

  4. Some of these seem so difficult like turning off electronics in the evening and only having one tab open, but back like 10 years ago it would’ve been so easy for me haha! Really great goals! My main goal for June is to work on scheduling my blog posts better!

    It was great meeting you in the #NectarChat tonight :)

    – Lauren Schroer //

    1. That’s a great goal, Lauren! My goals for scheduling have definitely fluctuated from wanting to post 3x a week then to 2x a week, and now I’m just going for 1x haha.

  5. That sounds like such a fun workout routine! I’m also trying to incorporate running, yoga and strength training. I think that’s such a great goal! And wow, only having one tab open is SUCH a great goal too. I don’t like having too many tabs open, but I love how specific this goal is and it can help you achieve it! Best of luck with all of them! And happy June! :)

    1. Those are basically my favorite forms of exercise right now and I wanted a way to incorporate all of them! Thanks so much for the encouragement, Gina! Totally appreciate it :)

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