My Top Three Goals For March

March Goals

March GoalsHow you doin’, March? Yes, I HAVE been watching every single episode of Friends on Netflix. Also, can I mention how sad I am that Parks & Rec is over? I’m weeping inside. Every character on that show is my spirit animal.

On a happier note, I’m really excited for spring (probably too excited, calm down) even though it’s not official until March 20th. Can you tell how excited I am by the amount of pink and mint in the collage above? Is that mint? Please tell me what color you think that is. Anyway, before I get to my March goals, here’s how my February goals went:

February Recap

1. Go to bed by 9:30. Umm, guys I failed miserably at this. I think I did it one night. 9:30 may have been a bit unrealistic. I’m going to make an effort to close my laptop by 8pm and see how that works instead.

2. Read 20 pages per day. Yes! I finished The China Study which I highly recommend for anyone interested in nutrition and overall health.

3. Journal every day. Yes! I plan to write every day for the rest of eternity because it really helps me clarify my thoughts and reflect on my emotions.

My Top Three Goals for March

1. Drink green tea instead of coffee. This is going to be difficult. Every time I smell coffee, I want to get a cup. But I’ve noticed that coffee leaves me super dehydrated no matter how much water I drink, and I hate that feeling.

2. Walk on my lunch break. Since I keep eating lunch at my desk and basically spend 8+ hours sitting down, I’ve decided that I will go for a walk every day on my lunch break. I get a 30 minute break, so I will spend 15 minutes eating and 15 minutes walking. I’ll just need to be prepared with an umbrella and a pair of sneakers.

3. Stay offline on Saturdays. No internet and no social media for a whole day. I did this two times in February, and it felt sooo good, so I want to make this a regular thing.

What are your top three goals for March?

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  1. These are great goals! I’ve just switched diet coke for green/herbal teas which was tough but I am feeling so much better because of it (and my skin is looking so much better!). I like the idea of a social media free day – I just start doing that myself! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love reading your goals, makes me feel so motivated! :) I am working on the social media/screen time one as well. I was reading the Joyous Health book and read about coffee and thought of you! Not sure if this will help but she mentioned that instead of completely cutting out coffee, decrease the amount you drink each day so its more gradual? Hope that helps :)

    1. Naomi, that is so spooky. I literally just finished the Joyous Health book haha. Did we already talk about that and I’m just forgetting, or is this a freaky coincidence? Anyway, thank you for thinking of me! :)

  3. I managed to wake up early almost everyday, which was a goal of mine in February. But I think I got help from the much brighter mornings ;) I used to need about 10-12 hours of sleep, but lately I’ve been functioning on a lot less, which I’m happy about :D

    That’s a really short lunch break you have :S I already take about 40 to 1 hours walk after lunch, and it’s one of my favorite things to do during the day. It helps a lot with digestion. Walking is really underrated I think.

    Don’t know if you’ll feel less dehydrated drinking Green Tea, which has quite a lot of caffeine too (about the same amount as coca cola) and the source of why you feel dry – actually, decaffeinated coffee’s got less caffeine than Green Tea!
    I’d go for rooibos and herbal tea instead :)

    One of my goals for March was to re-learn knitting, but I think I’m still stuck and excited about crocheting, so we’ll see if knitting will become a priority at the end of the month ^^

    1. Yay for waking up early! I’m still trying to figure out how much sleep I REALLY need to function properly. And I know, it’s a short break! But I’m not timed so sometimes I take a bit longer.

      Hmm I’ve been feeling a lot better since not drinking coffee, but I was drinking both coffee and green tea before. I wonder if it’s just to do with the after-taste of coffee that just makes me feel bleh. Green tea has been fine so far, but I also do drink peppermint and chamomile tea!

      Those are great goals! Very calming I’m sure :)

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