My Top Three Goals For October

October Goals

Hello, my lovelies! How has fall been treating you so far? I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the blue skies and lack of rain in Seattle lately, although I know it’s going to make a swift turn around soon enough. October is one of those super busy months where everything just seems to be going on at once, so I’m trying to plan ahead and use time-blocking techniques to make sure I’m getting the most out of the time I do have.

Take a peek at my personal + blog goals for October 2015 and see how I did with my September goals!Before we get to the goals, I thought it’d be fun to share with you some things I’ve been loving lately – sort of like my monthly favorites. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving lately!

Monthly Favorites
The Happiness Project

I’m currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (I know, I’m super late to this one), and I feel like so much of it ties in with the topics I talk about on my blog. The author basically sets herself 3-4 monthly goals to see if she can cultivate more happiness in her life, and it’s a nice reminder to stay present and make the most of your current situation.

Pinfinite Growth

One of my favorite bloggers, Melyssa from The Nectar Collective, started her own Pinterest course all about using Pinterest to your advantage as a blogger. HOLY MOLY, guys. I have learned a TON. It was quite the investment, but I’ve noticed a spike in my blog traffic, and I’ve been consistently growing my audience by pinning things that are relevant to my blog. I highly recommend it if you’re a blogger!

The Pomodoro Technique

This technique of splitting your time into 25 minute chunks has totally boosted my levels of productivity lately. Often, we overestimate how long it will take to complete something, and this method has totally made me realize how quickly I can get stuff done.

Now before we get into my goals for October, let’s do a little recap of my September goals!

1. Use the envelope system.

This was quite the experiment for me! I’ve never been the type of person to carry cash in my wallet, and I’ve relied so heavily on cards for years that I actually forgot to pay with cash a few times. That being said, this method was super useful for helping me spend money more wisely and avoid overspending. I’m going to keep trying to budget my money this way because I know it’ll help me in the long run!

2. No heat styling my hair.

Yup, yup. My hair basically stayed in a bun this entire month because I just don’t like how it feels when it dries naturally. Curly hair has a mind of it’s own, am I right? I reallllly just need to get a hair cut because I think that’ll make a big difference.

3. Update my capsule wardrobe. 

Aw yeah! Go check this puppy out right here. You better believe there’s lots of olive and striped pieces in there because I’m obsessed.

1. Limit my screen time.

Real talk, we all spend too much time looking at screens. I’ve started getting headaches if I don’t tear myself away from my laptop, and sometimes I get this under-eye twitch that I can only assume is my eyeball’s way of saying, ‘Get off your damn computer, Catherine.’

SO, I’m going to try spending 45 minutes working on my blog in the evening…and that’s it. No phone, iPad, or laptop after that. Netflix is the exception, although I’m going to prioritize doing more of these things after work instead.

2. Get back into yoga.

Confession: I haven’t done yoga in months. And I LOVE yoga. I think it’s about time I brought it back into my life, so I’m going to aim for two sessions a week – either at my gym or by following a video at home.

3. Step up my newsletter game.

I have a newsletter, did ya know that? Probably not because I rarely send emails out. BUT I really want to step up my newsletter game and send out two pieces of extra content each month (basically like bonus blog posts!). If this sounds like a sweet deal to you, go ahead and sign up down below!

What are your goals for October?

About the Author
Catherine Beard
Hi, I'm Catherine! As the creator of The Blissful Mind, I love exploring ways to make life more fulfilling, especially when it comes to our daily routines, habits, and well-being.

22 Responses

    1. You’ll absolutely love the book, Shoug! It took me a while to actually read it because I thought it would be totally cheesy, but I’m loving how relatable it is

  1. Don’t you love the happiness project?? I’m almost done with it and I love how simple some of her ideas are. And I need to make the same yoga goal! Also I’ll have to check out the pinterest thing because that is one area I know i need to work on… whoops! xo

    Kelsey |

    1. I totally love the book! It’s so up my alley haha. The Pinterest course is so interesting and you get a ton of freebies which sort of justifies how much it costs haha.

  2. I’m in! I’d love more from you :)
    I was so inspired by the happiness project. Maybe I should re-read it because it’s been so long.
    Like other’s I’m the same about yoga. Hoping to get back into it after the baby gets here (that’s doable, right, right??)

      1. I know (and thank you for being awesome with the video!) I’ve done several of her videos before getting pregnant. Sadly I have way too much pelvic pain now to do any yoga (I’ve tried, believe me), but I’ll be back with a vengeance. I’d love to see a post from you with your favourite videos/instructors from youtube if you feel like it some day.

  3. Hey Catherine,

    I was a little “shocked” when I read your tweet about your new goals, because it always means: omg, a new month again… where has time gone?! ;D
    I’m glad you enjoy The Happiness Project, I loved it so much and it’s still inspiring my. I also tried my own version, but set too much goals. :( Sometimes (or most time? ;) ), less is more. ;)
    Wich brings me to my fall winter capsule I finally put together, yay! :) Sunday my post about it will be up on the blog, hope you will enjoy it. I’m glad there are some pieces you would love! :)
    Less screen time, more selective readings (including your newsletter! :) ), and back to a little more goal setting after my free time – I think, this are my goals for october! :)

    Let’s do it! :) Hope, you’ll have a great weekend!
    Sunray |

    1. Hahaha I’m so sorry I made you realize it was October ;) it always sneaks up on me too and I have to start thinking about what my goals should be! I love that one of your goals is goal setting – how appropriate! I’m going to check out your capsule wardrobe now :)

  4. Ooh I love yoga too but I haven’t done it in so long! Limiting screen time is such an important goal to have and one I hope to do more this month too. It’s so healthy to get away from technology as much as we can!

    1. Seriously, I feel like everyone is talking about doing a digital detox these days because they’re realizing how bad screens are haha. I spend my whole day at work on a computer, so the least I can do is get off it at night! Happy October, Gina :D

  5. Love this! I like how you structure your monthly goals posts. :) Very cool to add favorites in there. I want to take Melyssa’s course eventually, but we are twelve kinds of tight on budget for the next couple months!

    I love yoga, and once we get moved into this new place at the beginning of November, I am going to find a studio I like! :) SO PUMPED!

    My goals this month are to: successfully plan and manage this move with minimal anxiety, maintain consistency in my blog and GROW MY READERSHIP FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE, and re-up my journaling and gratitude journaling practice. :) I found you over at Melyssa’s blog in the comment section, and I’m so glad I stopped over! I will definitely be following along, your blog makes me smile.

    1. Oh gosh, good luck with the move! I just did that a few months ago and I’m so glad to have it over with haha. Consistency is a great goal and something that I’ve ALMOST got a hold on, but then I have those weeks where I’m like, welp, these blog posts ain’t gonna happen.

      I’m so glad you found me, Torie! I’m excited to check out your blog :)

  6. I saw Gretchen Rubin speak a few months ago! She was really inspiring – she has a new book about habits that I really want to read (I’m thinking it will keep me busy while visiting the in laws at Christmas.) I’ll let you know if it’s worth the read!

    I could steal your goals for October, ha ha! I’m the same with yoga, I haven’t been for a few months but I’m going to a retreat this weekend – super excited! Although scared because my toes seem very far away at the moment … !

    1. Oh yes, definitely let me know if it’s good! I’m still working on the Happiness Project because I got distracted by The Martian haha. A yoga retreat sounds super fun + relaxing…I should probably do one of those to give myself a break sometime.

  7. I have leaned the Pomodoro Technique a few weeks ago. Although it really helps me to get my tasks going for twenty five minutes and take a break after, I prefer the one hour that I push myself to do. It works best for me so I can kill off the procrastination. Yet, the year is almost over and really have I planned for the coming year.

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