25 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Our health is not one-dimensional. In order to find balance and wellbeing, we must nourish the 3 parts that make up our whole being: mind, body, and soul. Here are 25 ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

Post Updated on December 27, 2019

Lately, I’ve been feeling a tad bit burnt out. I will confess that this is partly because I’m not getting enough sleep. But there’s another part of me that’s convinced sleep can’t be the only reason I’m feeling this way.

I crave the feeling of waking up refreshed in the morning. I want to feel clear-headed and ready to take on the day. Since I’ve been craving this, I’ve been exploring small changes I can make to feel more nourished and refreshed.

Our health is not one-dimensional. In order to find balance and wellbeing, we must nourish the 3 parts that make up our whole being: mind, body, and soul. Here are 25 ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

As someone who preaches about creating a balance between your mind, body, and soul, I haven’t been finding a great balance lately.

I need to take some of my own advice and make sure I’m creating this balance in my life. After all, our health is not one-dimensional. I truly believe we need to look at our health and well-being from a holistic perspective.

To find balance, we must nourish the three parts that make up our whole being: mind, body, and soul. As I was brainstorming ways to refresh these three areas, I thought I’d share the ideas I came up with.

When your body, mind, and soul are healthy and harmonious, you will bring health and harmony to the world – not by withdrawing from the world, but by being a healthy, living organ of the body of humanity.

B.K.S. Iyengar

Of course, the goal is not to do everything on this list. That would only cause more overwhelm. Instead, I hope this gives you a few ideas to nourish your whole self. If you need a breath of fresh air in your life, here are 25 ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

25 Ways To Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

Our health is not one-dimensional. In order to find balance and wellbeing, we must nourish the 3 parts that make up our whole being: mind, body, and soul. Here are 25 ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is an important practice to infuse more calm into your life. I find that being mindful encourages me to enjoy the little moments I would otherwise miss. If mindfulness feels like a struggle, make it easy with seven days of mindfulness prompts.

Detox from technology

Sometimes we forget that there is an entire world beyond the internet. Lately, I’ve been feeling sucked into my laptop and phone too much, and I’m feeling the urge to take a break and get away from it. That could be one day a week without opening my laptop or setting clear boundaries for technology-free time at night. Here’s a 7-day media detox challenge if you want to try it out yourself.

Quiet your mind

Quieting your mind is so important for reducing stress. Whether it’s writing all your thoughts on paper before bed or meditating in the morning, make it a priority to quiet your mind at least once a day.

Diffuse essential oils

Essential oils can be great for stress-relief. Even though I love essential oils and I have more than one person rationally needs, I always forget to turn my diffuser on. I’m going to start making it part of my morning and evening routine so that turning my diffuser on becomes a habit.

Make time for self-reflection

Self-reflection is so important for our personal growth. It can be tricky to find the motivation to journal, but it’s worth it to let go of the thoughts floating around in your head. Self-reflection helps you explore who you are and create more space for positive thinking.

Tweak your morning routine

Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, so try to squeeze in something that creates a sense of calm right away. Try meditating, journaling, drinking a cup of tea, or stretching. Little changes can help you start your day on the right foot. Here are some more ideas to makeover your morning routine.

Read more books

When Netflix is calling your name, it’s easy to forget about the wonders of getting lost in a book. Create a healthy balance between the amount of time you spend watching vs. reading. Set a specific time that you want to read each day and stick to it.

Learn something new

We know it’s important to quiet your mind, but it’s also important to challenge yourself and learn something new. Make time to continue your personal growth in areas you often forget to explore. Try watching TED talks, checking out a book from the library, or taking a Skillshare class.

Get some fresh air

Whether it’s during the day or at the weekend, getting some fresh air and Vitamin D is a great way to feel more refreshed. I like to go for a walk in the middle of the day to get away from my to-do list and come back to work with a clear head.

Our health is not one-dimensional. In order to find balance and wellbeing, we must nourish the 3 parts that make up our whole being: mind, body, and soul. Here are 25 ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

Embrace slow movement

Sometimes our bodies crave slow movement, like yoga or going for a walk. Often we get into the mindset that we have to sweat during a workout to make it “worth it”. Instead, be okay with taking it slow and not feeling the need to ‘sweat’ every time you work out.

Reduce added sugar

I’m not someone who reads food labels, but I am starting to pay attention to how much sugar I consume on a daily basis. Added sugar is everywhere! I want to become more aware of this so that I can avoid sugar crashes which no doubt cause me to feel sluggish.

Learn about Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a science of life. Its guiding principles are 1) that the mind and the body are inextricably connected and 2) that nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind. Understanding your unique mind-body type (dosha) can help you feel more balanced. Deepak Chopra has a great article about it here.

Eat more veggies

We all know we should eat more veggies, but actually doing it is another story. Try finding ways to sneak vegetables into your meals without making a big deal about it. Put cauliflower or zucchini in your smoothies, snack on carrots and hummus, or squeeze some lemon juice onto plain veggies to make them more interesting. Also, choose meals at restaurants that contain veggies or ask for them on the side.


Stretching is so important to keep our joints and muscles in good condition. The more I sit at my desk, the more I realize how inflexible I’m becoming. I know for sure that my posture is not the best, so I want to make more of an effort to stretch whenever I can.

Scrape your tongue

Sounds a little weird, but have you ever tried tongue scraping? It’s one of the most satisfying things in the world. Bacteria on your tongue can cause bad breath, so a tongue scraper can get rid of the nasties. It’s a quick fix to help you feel refreshed after eating.

Nourish your skin

Taking care of your skin is an important part of self-care. Not only does it help your complexion, a skincare ritual can allow you time to relax and unwind at the end of the day. I want to stick to a simple yet relaxing daily skincare routine and make sure I’m not skipping any important steps. If you need some inspiration for your skincare routine, here’s a peek at mine.

Get more sleep

Sleep is one of the biggest factors in our energy levels throughout the day. Lately, I’ve been lenient with my bedtime schedule, but I want to make sure I’m getting a solid eight hours of sleep. If you’ve been staying up too late, check out this blog post about creating a nighttime routine.

Our health is not one-dimensional. In order to find balance and wellbeing, we must nourish the 3 parts that make up our whole being: mind, body, and soul. Here are 25 ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

Start a passion project

That random idea you’ve had in the back of your mind forever? Start it. As someone who has been blogging for almost four years, I’ve been able to turn my passion into my job. At the same time, I know there’s more to life than what I create on the internet. I want to explore other sides of creativity, whether that’s through drawing, coloring, or photography.

Go somewhere new

Even though I preach about the importance of daily routines, it’s necessary to break away from your routine every now and again. Try a new coffee shop or restaurant. Go to a nearby city that you’ve never explored. Switch things up to keep life interesting.

Connect with others

Connecting with friends and new people can provide such joy to our lives. My word for 2018 is ‘connection’ because I want to break away from my tendency to only spend time with myself. This means actually reaching out to people and making plans, as well as asking for help instead of trying to do everything by myself.


Regular decluttering is good for the soul. Release the things that no longer need to take up space in your life. As someone who prides myself on not holding onto stuff I don’t need, I’m embarrassed that my closet has somehow morphed into a storage unit. Time to KonMari it!

Clean more often

I honestly hate cleaning, but I’m noticing how much dirt can affect my mental state. Depending on how much space you have, you might want to clean more often than others. For me, it’s having one day of the week to tackle the dust.

Create work boundaries

This is especially important for the self-employed, but it can apply wherever you work. Be strict with the times that you make yourself available to your boss and coworkers. Turn email notifications off on your phone after work. Better yet, don’t link your work email to your phone in the first place.

Say no

Remember that no is a full sentence. You don’t have to justify your decisions to anyone. If you don’t want to do something, stand your ground and make sure your needs are being met first. If you’re ready to stop over-committing yourself, check out this post.

Give yourself permission to relax

It’s hard, right? But it’s so important to value your downtime and take advantage of it when you can. Make sure you’re maintaining a good balance between productivity and rest. Here’s how to make the most of your downtime when you get it.

Your Thoughts

Did this post give you some ideas to refresh your life? I hope you’re feeling inspired to let go of burn out and find more balance every day. I’d love to know which # you love the most! Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite tip.

Catherine Beard
Hi, I'm Catherine! I'm here to help you get out of your head so you can stress less and focus on what matters.


  1. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling your best recently – these moments do happen and the best we can do is implement strategies like the ones you’re listed for better mental and physical wellness. I love what you said about finding a balance between routine and exploring new things, because while the former is important to keep ourselves grounded, stepping out of our comfort zones is needed to bring about that mental reset.

    Maria | http://inaccordance.co,uk

  2. Thank you – very good tips! I find that technology can sneak up on one (hello, pinterest) and cause fatigue and disruption to sleep. I also have discovered that the more I concentrate on to-do lists and becoming productive, the worse my health and frame of mind becomes. Some of us are already too productive and this then becomes an added obsession – mindfulness out of the window.

  3. Sorry you haven’t been feeling very well lately. Lack of sleep can really burn you out but that’s definitely not the only thing you can do to feel refreshed and energised in the morning.

    I start my mornings with the 5 minute journal. It asks me to lists three things I’m grateful for so I start the day feeling super blessed and abundant. Another prompt is “what would make today great?” I find I’m more prone to do those things when I write them down and have a much better day as a result!

  4. My favourite tip is “Say No”. I have always found saying No almost impossible and I feel that I have been used all my life, by most people, because of it. I’m slightly better at saying No now, in my old age, but am still glad to be reminded to “Say No” every now and again.

  5. I love this post! I agree wholeheartedly with you.
    I enjoy your blog and website. I don’t know if you have been nominated before, but I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. There’s information on how to participate on my blog. (www.thinkwriteinspire.com)

  6. yes very true all measure mentioned here somewhat contribue to nourishment of mind, body and soul. mind is my favourite part among three and currently i am working on it.

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