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The Daily Bliss Planner

The Daily Bliss Planner
the daily bliss planner

The Daily Bliss Planner is a 90-day undated planner designed to help you incorporate self-care, mindfulness, and intentional living into your day. When you focus on being mindful, you’ll find that you can get things done while still having time for yourself.

There’s more to life than your to-do list, and you need space to capture it all. The Daily Bliss Planner is here to help you take care of everything in between.

Using the seven pillars of life (mental, emotional, physical, environmental, social, spiritual, and recreational), you’ll find simple ways to create more bliss in your life.

Length: 3-months undated (3 monthly spreads, 13 weekly spreads)

Paper: White​

Cover: Matte Blush Hardcover​

Page Size: 6″ X 9″

Pages: 191​

What's Inside

Monthly Pages

Monthly Overview: A preview of the month ahead. Use the calendar to map out any tasks or appointments you have, and choose a word or theme to help guide you throughout the month.

Monthly Set-Up: Get prepared for the month ahead. You’ll define your priorities, set monthly goals, review upcoming tasks and important dates, and brainstorm routine ideas.

Monthly Recap: Reflect and track your progress. You’ll find space to perform a life review, review your monthly wins, list your favorite moments, identify an area of life you’re doing well and one area to improve, and note what you’re looking forward to next month.

Click an image to see a larger preview

Click an image to see a larger preview

Weekly Pages

Weekly Overview: A visual look at your calendar for the week ahead. Use this page to map out upcoming appointments, events, and due dates.

Weekly Set-Up: Get prepared for the week ahead: define your weekly priorities, choose habits to work on, identify your weekly tasks, review your agenda, and brainstorm self-care ideas.

Weekly Recap: Reflect on the week’s best moments and track your progress: perform a life review, note your weekly wins and favorite moments, brainstorm ways to improve,  write what you’re looking forward to next week, and recap your daily habit progress.

Daily Pages

Intention: A focus word or phrase for the day.

Affirmation: Words of encouragement to yourself.

To-Do List: Write your top tasks for the day.

Self-Care Tracker: Record any practices or habits that nourish your mind, body, or soul. 

Schedule: Note any appointments or events for the day.

Daily Habits: Keep track of the habits you want to do on a daily basis.

Daily Bliss: Space for gratitude, daily wins, or reflections.

Water Tracker: Keep track of your daily hydration levels.

Click image to see a larger preview

Click an image to see a larger preview


Yearly Overview: A big picture look at the year. Make note of any events, birthdays, anniversaries, launches, or recurring annual tasks.

The Pillars of Life: Throughout your planner, you’ll find space to set goals for each pillar and review how you’re doing with each one.

Life Vision & Goal Planning: Visualize your most blissful life. You’ll find space to brainstorm goal ideas for each pillar of life.

Plus self-care examples, dotted note pages, and inspirational quotes to start each week.

With this planner, you'll...

Set intentional goals

One of the best ways to set goals is to use the seven pillars of life to visualize what you want to achieve. 

Throughout your planner, you’ll find space to set goals for each pillar. You’ll also review how you’re doing in each area of life on a weekly and monthly basis. This will help you set monthly and weekly priorities as you fill out your planner.


Focus on self-care

The best way to make self-care part of your life is to create time for it in your daily schedule, rather than letting it be something you do once in a while.

That’s why The Daily Bliss Planner includes space to plan and keep track of the habits and activities you do as part of your self-care routine.

Improve your mindset

Your planner includes space to set intentions and affirmations for the day. When you start the day with positive self-encouragement, you set yourself up for success.

You’ll also find space to reflect on the good things in your life so you can cultivate an attitude of gratitude. 


Yes! The planner is undated so you can start it whenever you like.

The planner is intended to last you 90 days. It includes three of the monthly planning spreads and 13 weeks of the weekly/daily spreads.

Unfortunately not at this time, but it’s actually pretty easy to add your own! Check out this video if you’re up for a DIY project.

The planner is 6 x 0.62 x 9 inches. It’s the perfect size for on the go!

Not yet, but it will be coming in the future!

Email for any additional inquiries. 

About the creator

Hi, I’m Catherine! I’m a writer, coach, and the creator of The Blissful Mind. My goal is to help you set intentional goals, build meaningful habits, and improve your relationship with yourself so you can live a more mindful lifestyle.