How To Boost Your Energy Throughout The Day

Lately I’ve been slacking on sleep, despite my goal to turn off electronics by 8:30pm (eek). When work gets busy, I find myself having less time to work on my blog during the day, and therefore staying up later to work on it. And when I stay up late in front of a computer, you better believe that I have zero energy the next day.

Feeling tired in the morning and sluggish in the afternoon? Try these 9 simple tips for staying energized all day long! |

That’s why it’s important to know how to stay energized throughout the day. I know, I know – I should probably just focus on going to bed earlier instead of trying to find ways to make myself feel energetic, but sometimes it’s already too late and I need all the help I can get.

Maybe you’re in the same boat right now, pulling all-nighters to study for finals or feeling stressed out and unable to sleep, so here are some tips that have been keeping my energy levels up throughout the day (and there’s a free worksheet at the end for you!):


Start with lemon water.

Or just a big glass of water in general! I always feeling like Spongebob in this clip when I wake up, so I try to down a big glass as soon as possible. Lemon water supposedly makes it easier to digest food later in the day, but I love it because of how refreshing it is. You could also try this Lemon Balm Tea if you’re on the go.

Have a smoothie for breakfast.

This is the number one thing that makes me feel energized in the morning because it doesn’t weigh me down. I love blending up some frozen pineapple and mango with spinach and coconut water because it keeps me full and hydrated at the same time.

Pack healthy snacks.

Sugar, caffeine, and refined carbs can zap your energy later in the day, so try not to overindulge in these if you are feeling sluggish. I know it’s difficult because sleep deprivation can make you have cravings for these things, but try to pack some snacks like nuts, fruit, or other healthy snacks so you can resist temptation throughout the day.


Go for a walk.

Ever forgot to go outside all day and feel blinded by the real light when you step outside? Yeah, me too. Too much artificial light and sitting for extended periods of time isn’t exactly good for ya, so go outside for even just 10 minutes to improve your mood and wake you up.

Do yoga at your desk.

Are you hunched over right now? It’s hard not to be! Chances are you didn’t have time to workout this morning because sleep was more important, so now is a good time to stretch out those tight hips and get rid of the crick in your neck.

Stop looking at a screen.

If you’re like me, you start to feel sluggish after being on your computer for too long, so find at least 20 minutes to work on a project that doesn’t require any screen time (and stay off your phone, too!)


Drink herbal tea.

Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee if you need to stay up, try peppermint or ginger tea which have a bit of a zing to them. Since there’s no caffeine, it’s not going to mess with your sleep later on.

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Listen to an uplifting playlist.

I am in love with Spotify because their playlists are on point. Music can obviously have a huge impact on your mood, so listen to something that makes you feel like you can conquer the world (try Mood Booster).

Do a little meditation.

Is every little thing starting to irritate you? Meditation is a great way to improve your mindset and avoid going crazy. If you need to stay awake but you’re having trouble concentrating, try 5 minutes of sitting still and focusing on your breath (hopefully you’re not so tired that you fall asleep!). I have a whole post about making meditation easier right here.

Download the free checklist

The next time you’re feeling like you need an energy boost, print out this worksheet and follow the outlined steps!

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    1. Yes, yoga is such a great way to wake up! So glad that you did that! Usually when I’m tired, the last thing I want to do is workout so that’s why I didn’t include it haha

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