A Grounding Practice For When Your Head’s In The Clouds

Struggling with anxiety and constantly overthinking? Here's a simple practice to help you get grounded when your head's in the clouds!

During a mindfulness course I took in grad school, another student and I were guiding each other through a meditation practice (which makes us sound super professional, but we were both a little bewildered by the whole ordeal). As my partner finished guiding me through a meditation session, she asked how I was feeling. I […]

A Simple Mindset Shift To Calm Anxious Thoughts

If you often feel anxious or find yourself overcome with worry, try this simple mindset shift to help you feel a little calmer.

Do you ever get a sudden knot in your stomach for seemingly no reason and your mind starts to focus on all of the negative things that it possibly can? That is exactly what it feels like when I’m anxious. Despite being a generally go-with-the-flow, calm and collected type of person on the outside, I get anxious quite […]