Take The Free 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Take The Blissful Mind 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge to break down old thought patterns, tap into the present moment, and find your inner calm

Over the course of this month, I’ve been sharing more about mindfulness (what it is, how I got started, etc.) because so much of The Blissful Mind’s ethos revolves around living in the present moment. Now, I have something exciting to share with you this week! I’ve been working on a little behind the scenes […]

How To Start Your Day With Clarity And Focus

Feel like mornings are the most stressful part of the day? Here's how to start your day with clarity and focus so you can have the most productive morning ever! Plus, there’s a free morning routine planner that you can download to make the process easier!

Do you ever feel like mornings are the most stressful part of the day? Most of us do, and it’s often because we don’t start our day with a clear mind. Instead, we wake up feeling hazy, snooze our alarms, and barely have time to think before we’re rushing out the door to get to work. After […]

How To Start A Self-Care Routine Using The Power Hour Method

Today, we’re talking about creating a morning self-care routine that’s going to improve your life in 60 minutes or less.  An alternative title for this post could have been How To Make Yourself Want To Get Up In The Morning because this method is going to get you pumped to get out of bed as soon as you wake up. […]

40+ Practical Tips To Declutter Your Home (Plus a Free Workbook!)

Is clutter taking over your life? You need these practical tips to declutter your home and keep it organized for good! Plus, you get a free 12-page decluttering workbook!

I’ve always been the kind of person who gets slightly antsy at the sight of clutter. Some people find they’re more creative in a disorganized environment, but I notice that clutter increases my stress levels and makes me less productive. For a lot of us, a cluttered home causes discontent and even agitation because things […]

How To Declutter & Organize Your Digital Files

Does it take you forever to find files on your computer? Here's how to organize your digital files and get rid of clutter once and for all! You'll also get a free wallpaper to organize your desktop!

I like to think I’m an organized person, but sometimes I let things slide and my computer desktop ends up in disarray. I spend a lot of my time on this electronic box thing, which means it’s easy to let the clutter pile up. I bet you’ll agree that it’s super frustrating when you have to […]

The Ultimate Guide To Budgeting Money In Your Twenties

I am happy to say that I’m all moved into my new apartment, which means I can finally take a moment to breathe! I’ve lived in 4 different cities within 2 years, so I’m no stranger to the art of moving – but it never really gets easier! Since moving can be quite expensive (and rent isn’t cheap), I’ve had […]

How I Got A Job Within A Month Of Graduation

How To Get A Job After Graduation

This time two years ago, I was throwing a graduation cap in the air and saying goodbye to some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I graduated from college with a degree in sociology having no idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to work, or even where to start looking. It didn’t […]