7 Podcasts To Inspire Your Wellness Journey

Need some healthy living inspiration? Here are 7 of the best wellness podcasts to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

My love for podcasts is ridiculous right now. Like on the verge of addiction ridiculous. They’re pretty much all I want to listen to, whether I’m driving to work or getting ready in the morning.

I’ve found that podcasts are the perfect tool for learning new information, laughing until it hurts, and feeling understood all at the same time.

Recently, I’ve been gravitating towards some amazing healthy living podcasts, especially ones that focus on the mind, body, and soul connection – no surprises there!

Need some healthy living inspiration? Here are 7 of the best wellness podcasts to nourish your mind, body, and soul!

Many of you are seeking healthy living inspiration for your own wellness journey, so here are seven health-related podcasts to uplift and encourage you! Whether you’re new to the wellness world or you’ve been involved for years, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Disclaimer: I know there are a TON of health podcasts out there, and these are just a few of the ones that have resonated with me :) Let me know your faves in the comments at the end of this post.

The Chasing Joy Podcast

I’ve followed Georgie’s blog for a while, so I was super excited to hear that she was starting The Chasing Joy Podcast. Each week, you’ll find meaningful conversations about wellness that dig deeper into topics such as building a community and blog around wellness, breaking negative health mindsets, and why mental health matters. Georgie’s goal is to entertain, educate, and inspire you to have a more joyful and energized life.

What to listen to first: A positive and intuitive approach to fitness (with one of my favorite people, Les from The Balanced Berry!) or the challenges of staying present with a busy schedule this is the episode where Georgie Interviewed me!)

The Balanced Blonde Podcast

On The Balanced Blonde podcast, Jordan discusses everything from blogging to wellness with guests who share what sets their souls on fire. Jordan knows a lot of cool people in the wellness industry, so it’s interesting to hear all about their journeys and tips and tricks for thriving. If you like chatty and casual podcasts, this is definitely one to check out!

What to listen to first: Interview with Tara Sowlaty & Jessie DeLowe of How You Glow

Nourish + Flourish

This is hands down one of my favorite wellness podcasts right now. Betsy & Emily share their advice and experiences surrounding the topic of finding what nourishes you – mind, body, and soul – so that you can flourish.  I especially like listening to these ladies because they both have quite different lifestyles and routines, so it’s interesting to hear what works and doesn’t work for them and getting more than one perspective on a topic.

What to listen to first: Movement vs. exercise and how to stay motivated

Colorful Eats

Caroline and Justine are Nutritional Therapy Practitioners who bring you conversations on all things nutrition related to truly nourish all aspects of your life. I appreciate their not-too-serious approach to nutrition because it feels like you’re having a conversation with friends, and they have a great variety of guests from the wellness world.

Listen to: A healthy life made simple with Sarah Adler

Food Heaven Podcast

The Food Heaven podcast is hosted by bffs and Registered Dietitians, Wendy and Jess. Wendy is a clinical outpatient dietitian and Jess is a nutritional counselor at a primary care clinic. These girls mean business, and they share so much knowledge about nutrition and optimal living without being overwhelming. In their podcast, they discuss everything from self-care to the process of creating a cookbook. If you’re in search of some simple, actionable advice when it comes to healthy eating, these girls have your back.

What to listen to first: Our morning and nightly routines

That’s So Maven

That’s So Maven is a weekly health and wellness podcast from Davida from The Healthy Maven. Davida shares honest interviews with people in the health sphere who share their advice for living a balanced and intentional lifestyle. This podcast is designed to show you that you’re note alone in your struggles, which I think is such a powerful and important message to share in the wellness world!

What to listen to: How can I stop comparing myself to others with Katie Dalebout

Mind Body Musings Podcast

The Mind Body Musings podcast is all about teaching you how to embrace your self-worth and let go of fears and negative thinking. Maddy Moon in a former fitness model who decided to let go of dieting and restrictions in order to take back control of her life. In the podcast, you’ll hear interviews from people who share their thoughts on intuition, self-love, mindset growth, and living with purpose. If you like fun people with hearts of gold, you’ll like Maddy.

What to listen to: Living a lifestyle of minimalism and creating the funds to do whatever you want

What are your favorite wellness podcasts?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. We are currently loving the Mindful Memo by Jordanna Owens!

    Love this post and thanks for your recommendations!
    Be Your Hero Blog

  2. Your blog is vital to ones who are looking to live a better, meaningful life. You turned me on to The Lively Show and I must say, Jess is my soul/spirit animal. I LOOOOOVE her. I’ve been listening to a lot more podcasts in the past year and I have actually been needing/wishing/wanting new suggestions relating to wellness, intuition, and such. Thank you for this list. Thank you for what you do. Well wishes to you!

  3. I LOVE the balanced blonde podcast! I would also add The Skinny Confidential Him + Her Podcast – Lauryn is an amazing wellness blogger, and some of their podcast episodes are entirely dedicated to wellness and fitness, which is amazing. Love your blog girl!

  4. I’ll have to check these out. I highly recommend the mindful kind podcast by rachael kable. She talks about mindfulness in all aspects of life and is just so calming to listen to :)

  5. Thank you! I searched for ‘wellness’ on my podcast app and was disappointed with the results. THIS is exactly what I was looking for!

  6. Check out espnW’s new podcast Free Cookies with Kathryn Budig and Kate Fagan. Great wellness guests, athletes and conversations about real health.

  7. I appreciate the list you’ve put together and I have not heard of any of these podcasts and am excited to start listening and working towards my own wellness and health! Thank you!

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